A weak, impotent, feckless Obama allowed Benghazi and Cairo to happen, Re: 9/11 Hit Eyed In Killing Of U.S Ambassador, WorldNetDaily, September 12, 2012

US Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens was just murdered by a crazed mob of Islamists in a frenzied attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi. Three other Americans were also murdered in the attack.

The attack followed an assault on the American Embassy in Cairo in which hundreds if not thousands of Islamists scaled the embassy walls, tore down the American flag flying in the courtyard and replaced it with a black flag containing the Muslim declaration of faith ( There is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet), all the while shouting the usual “Death to America” slogans.

There is speculation among American officials, independent observers and others that the Benghazi attack was not spontaneous but was coordinated by various Islamist groups and timed to take place on 9/11 in order to celebrate the monstrous events that took place in New York on September 11, 2001…to rub them in the face of Americans as it were. There is also speculation that the Benghazi murders and the assault on the embassy in Cairo were in response to an obscure, very badly done American film which was made in English and ridiculed and mocked Muhammad. It has been on the internet since 2011 but was only recently translated into Arabic by a person or persons unknown and made available in the Islamic world, thus fueling the speculation.

The truth is no one knows what the precipitating reason or reasons were and we will probably never know given the murky world of the Middle East and the politically and ideologically motivated lies and distortions we are constantly fed by the Obama administration and its fellow travellers.

We do know many other things relating to these events though.

We know that they were carried out by Islamists acting in the name of Islam and that they are perfectly legitimate under Islam and Islamic law, that they are sanctioned and legitimized by Islam and Islamic law.

We know that the perpetrators and their fellow travellers hate, revile and are disgusted by America and Americans and by everything America stands for and has always stood for…that they simply cannot abide American notions of freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism…that they view the American way of life as evil and an insult to them and their god…that they feel compelled to force Americans to submit to their will…that they feel no compunction in committing the most heinous acts (murder, rape, mutilation, infanticide, anything and everything) to achieve their ends and have frequently done so.

We know that these views have extremely wide currency in the Middle East…that they are shared by most of the people of the Middle East…that they are dominant in Egypt and Libya…that all, yes all, of the governments in the region save Israel’s subscribe to them and act accordingly in one way or another…that there are many people in the United States itself who subscribe to them as well, including many in the Obama administration.

We know that in the Middle East strength is respected and weakness is scorned…that strength brings security and weakness brings vulnerability…that in the Middle East only the strong survive…that its a zero sum game there and the winner is always the strongest.

We know that no one in the Middle East respects the United States or takes it seriously anymore and that America under Obama is universally seen as weak, impotent, feckless and unwilling and unable to stand up for itself and defend and protect itself and its interests…that Obama himself is universally seen as weak, impotent, feckless and unwilling and unable to stand up and defend and protect America and its interests.

We know that makes America and Americans ripe for attack…that the events in Benghazi and Cairo occurred in this context…that Obama is incapable of preventing events such as these…that attacks will continue and become worse as long as he is in office…that American lives and treasure will be lost…that America and Americans will continue to be ridiculed and denigrated…that American flags will continue to be burned…that only a strong America can bring these things to an end and that America under Obama is anything but strong as far as the Islamists are concerned.

We know that with Obama in office events like those in Benghazi and Cairo will soon come to the American homeland, to the United States itself, and that they will have been enabled by his weakness, if not actively aided and abetted by him. We also know that they will be followed by much, much worse…missile attacks on American cities or dirty bombs or chemical weapons being set off…its not far-fetched at all.

Who will stop them? Certainly not Obama.

Americans have to get rid of Obama in Novembers presidential election or Benghazi and Cairo will become the norm and cities in the United States will be awash in blood.

American blood.

We know that too.

Talk is cheap and means nothing except as a sign of weakness…all Obama can do is talk and everyone knows it.

Expect more attacks.

Expect more deaths, more murders.

American deaths.

Western deaths.


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