The whole thing is a setup-a cold, calculating, brutal setup, Re: Fresh protests over film, BBC News, September 17, 2012

Innocence of Muslims is a YouTube video produced in the United States which mocks and insults the Prophet Muhammad and denigrates Islam. Having seen the video I can report that it is amateurish and very poorly done. Its production values are very low and its quality is laughable at best. Nevertheless, it does mock and insult Muhammad and denigrate Islam and that is why anti-American riots and protests have erupted around the world and that is also why there have been many calls in the Islamic world to eliminate free speech and freedom of expression about matters Islamic in the U.S. and wherever else they exist.

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Islam absolutely forbids mocking or insulting Muhammad or denigrating Islam and there is no such thing as free speech or freedom of expression in Islam. The riots, protests and calls for elimination are an attempt to impose Islam and its strictures on America and the rest of the free world, to force the United States and the rest of the free world to submit to Islam and its prohibitions, to take away the right of free people to freely express themselves about Islam or anything related to it, especially if the expression is seen as offensive or derogatory.

They are no surprise because that is what Islam does and has always done. It attempts to force itself upon others, upon non-believers…it attempts to impose itself and its beliefs and strictures upon others, upon non-believers, to force non-believers to submit to its will and requirements and act accordingly. That’s part of the Islamic narrative and the essence of Islam and is nothing nothing new at all and that is precisely what the riots, protests and calls for elimination are really all about…forced imposition and submission, in this case of Americans and westerners in general.

The whole thing is a setup-a cold, calculating, brutal setup by Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, staunch Islamists all. Innocence of Muslims was destined for well deserved obscurity until Salafists trolling the internet discovered it and decided to use it as a tool to achieve their ends, with the connivance of the Muslim Brotherhood. They released it to the Egyptian people and whipped up indignation and fury, knowing full well that the indignation and fury would result in riots and protests and calls to eliminate free speech and freedom of expression in Egypt and virtually everywhere else in the Islamic world.. They were of course correct in that assessment.

They also felt that the United States and the rest of the free world suffers from a chronic lack of leadership, that the current occupant of the White House is very weak and can be cowed, that there is general reluctance in the U.S. and the West to defend and protect core values like free speech and freedom of expression, that they wouldn’t really suffer any consequences for their actions and that all of these factors could very well translate into free speech and freedom of expression relating to Islam being eliminated or at least curbed in America and/or the rest of the free world. Whether they were correct in that assessment remains to be seen. They made their calculations, added up the possible pluses and minuses and decided to go ahead and use Innocence of Muslims…to use it (and the ensuing violence) as a tool to set up the United States and the West and force them into abandoning two cornerstones of their way of life, to force them ever further into the Islamic fold. Were they right?

We’ll see.

One thing is certain though. These riots, protests and calls for elimination are just going to get worse and worse until they succeed or until Americans stand up for themselves and their values, principles and institutions and force them to stop. Will Obama do it? No, he won’t. Can you and I do it? Yes, we can. First, we can vote Obama out of office in Novembers presidential election. Second, we can make it crystal clear that we will not tolerate limits or curbs on free speech and freedom of expression and that those who try and impose them on us will suffer grave consequences.

Repeat after me.

I’m an American. I can think what I want, say what I want and express myself how I want. About anything. Including Islam or anything related to it. If you’re offended that’s your problem not mine. Free speech and freedom of expression is my heritage and my right and I’m not going to give them up. If you try and take them away from me, it won’t be pretty and you’ll pay and pay dearly.

Now get away from me while you still can.

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