Obama is vulnerable because he’s made America vulnerable…hammer away Mitt, Re: Mitt jabs O over video affair, New York Post, September 19, 2012

Someone surreptitiously videotaped Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaking at a private fundraising dinner last May during which he made some supposedly intemperate remarks about supporters of President Obama and the culture of entitlement that has sprung up in the United States during his presidency. Obama and his acolytes in the media and elsewhere have used the remarks to attack Romney and have accused him of being out of touch with the American people.

Romney responded to the attacks by saying that the remarks may have been inelegantly worded and poorly phrased but that they were true and he stood by them. He also released an audio tape of Obama speaking at a conference in 1998 during which he advocated redistributing wealth in the U.S., which is of course what he has been trying to do during his presidency and which has led to the culture of entitlement that has been so damaging to America in so many ways.

Obama and his acolytes no doubt hope that Romney’s remarks last May will hurt his chances of winning the election in November, that they may even prove fatal to them. They are wrong. Except for the portion of the electorate that blindly support Obama and will vote for him no matter what he does or doesn’t do Americans know that Romney was speaking the truth, respect him for speaking it and believe that he can right America’s ship and restore American hope, pride, productivity and wealth if he is elected. As long as he doesn’t equivocate or back down Romney’s remarks will help him not hurt him because the vast majority of Americans know that he is right, because the vast majority of Americans have seen their lives and the life of their country significantly diminish since Obama became president, because they are sickened by what has happened to them and their country under Obama and because they know that the decline will continue if he is granted another four years, that things will get immeasurably worse, not better.

The surreptitious videotape won’t hurt Romney…it will help him.

On the other hand the 1998 tape of Obama advocating a redistribution of wealth in the United States could be the death knell for Obama and Romney should use it at every opportunity.

Redistributing wealth as Obama advocates is opposite to everything America stands for and has always stood for and the entire American experience and narrative. It cannot be achieved without destroying American values, principles, institutions and representative government. If Obama wants to continue to try and redistribute wealth in America, and he plainly does, he has to keep on changing the nature, essence and face of the country and that is something Americans won’t accept. They’ve had enough of it already and don’t need or want any more. The United States isn’t a socialist/communist/big government/top down country even though Obama has tried to make it one.

Use that 1998 tape Mitt, use it.

Here’s some other advice.

Don’t jab at Obama and let him off lightly, hammer away at him and hold him responsible for the state of the nation and the state of people’s lives. Economically, socially, internationally, in every important area anyone can think of America is more vulnerable now than it has ever been and that makes Obama vulnerable too. His presidency has been a complete disaster and you shouldn’t be afraid to say so. Use his terrible, catastrophic track record against him and don’t pussyfoot around and you’ll win the election. Don’t be manipulated into defending yourself, attack him instead, that’s the ticket. There is, after all, so much to attack and he is ripe for the taking.

So go out and take him.

Oh, and use his sleazy tactics against him too. Why do you think the tape of the fundraiser was released now? The democrats have had it for months and could have released it anytime. They released it now because they thought it would deflect attention away from the anti-American protests and riots which are occurring around the world and Obama’s utterly inadequate response to them, at his utter failure to even see them coming and protect American lives and property.

That’s something else you should talk to Americans about.

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