Incalculable, Re: The price of Obama’s Muslim empathy, Washington Times, September 21, 2012

President Barack Hussein Obama has shown a great deal of affection for Islam and empathy and support for Islamists in the United States and around the world since he took office. He has continually expressed sympathy and contrition to Islamists and given his history and track record his affection for Islam may exceed his affection for the U.S. itself. This is a matter of historical record and is the foundation on which his behaviour and foreign policy towards the Islamic world lie…behaviour and policy which have most certainly not been in the best interests of America, behaviour and policy which have been disastrous for America and behaviour and policy which may well prove to be catastrophic for the country.

Those are matters of historical record too.

Obama has failed to defend (or even stand up for) American values and interests and Islamists have recognized this weakness and rushed to take advantage of it and advance their cause because they know there will be no consequences no matter what they do. They have a friend and ally in the White House and they know it, a friend and ally who has aided and abetted the advance of Islam and Islamists in the United States and has placed the U.S. in mortal danger as a result and a friend and ally who has presided over the largest diminution of American power and influence in the Middle East and around the world in living memory. Obama hasn’t defended America he has apologized for it and America and Americans have paid a terrible price, a price which will get higher and higher until he leaves office.

If you’re American like me are you…

Angry and upset at all the anti-American insults, chaos, riots and attacks taking place around the world.

Angry and upset that Islamists around the world (including in the U.S.) are trying to take away our right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the name of Islam, that Islamists in America are trying to fundamentally change the country and make Islam and Islamic law predominant.

Angry and upset that Islam and Islamists have infiltrated our governments and institutions and that the country is becoming more and more Islamized every day.

Angry and upset that our diplomats are being mutilated, sodomized and murdered, that our embassies and consulates are under siege, that our flag is being burned.

Angry and upset that we are giving huge amounts of money, goods and humanitarian aid to countries whose people and governments hate us and want to bring us to our knees, to countries that are doing nothing to protect Americans or prevent anti-American violence and are inciting and inflaming it instead.

Angry and upset that our governments response to the anti-American violence we are faced with has been groveling and useless and that Obama and his administration have misled us about events and have exacerbated not mitigated them.

You should be angry and upset at all of this, and much, much more.

The question is are you angry and upset enough to cast your vote against Obama in Novembers presidential election? Voting him out of office is essential because if he wins the election everything is going to get worse, much, much worse. There’s even a very good chance that we won’t survive, not as a free people living in a free country anyway.

None of this is happening in a vacuum you know.

Barack Hussein Obama has got to go.


Now get out and vote.


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