Innocence of Muslims just a pretext…freedom of speech, freedom of expression, Jews, Israel and the United States the real targets, Re: Innocence of Muslims fury arrives in Toronto, The Torontoist, September 24, 2012

Thousands of Islamists descended on the United States Consulate in Toronto two days ago to protest against the production and airing of a 14 minute video in the U.S. entitled Innocence of Muslims which mocked Muhammad and denigrated Islam. At least that is what they said they were there for. The truth is something very different.

Innocence of Muslims was simply a pretext to bring out Islamists to try and intimidate the governments of Ontario and Canada into placing limits on free speech and freedom of expression, into taking away Canadians right to speak freely and openly and to express themselves freely and openly about Islamism, Allah, Muhammad or anything else related to Islam, including the growing Islamization of Canadian society and the widespread harm it is causing and the fact that Islam is violent, barbaric, savage, intolerant, misogynistic, hateful, supremacist and backwards by its very nature and essence and has no no place in free, democratic, secular, pluralistic civilized societies. Islamists want to extend Islamic prohibitions against questioning, criticizing, ridiculing, skewering, mocking, or satirizing anything or anyone related to Islam to all Canadians. They want to take away Canadians right to speak freely and openly and express themselves freely and openly about Islam or matters Islamic and make all Canadians subject to Islamic prohibitions and law. That is what the demonstration in Toronto was all about. The demonstration was really a means to that end, nothing more.

Of course Islamists being Islamists and Islam being Islam the demonstration was also suffused with hatred and fury directed at Jews, Israel and the United States. Those are staples of demonstrations by Islamists and they were a staple of this one too. Ugly and sad, but true.

There is of course only one proper response to Islamists who demand that Canadians give up their right to speak freely and openly and to express themselves freely and openly about matters Islamic or anything else.

Here it is.

Get stuffed.-if you think I’m going to give up my freedom because you feel offended or because I’m a blasphemer according to your beliefs you’re crazy.

Will Canadians have the courage, strength, survival instinct and sense to say exactly that and then act accordingly when challenged and threatened?

We’ll see.

They should though if they want to keep on living as a free people in a free country. After all, once freedom of speech and freedom of expression go everything else goes too.

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