A New Course for America too, Re: A New Course for the Middle East, Wall Street Journal, October 1, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wrote an opinion piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal which bears great resonance both for the Middle East and the United States.

Romney went much further than simply criticizing President Obama and his incoherent, naive, piecemeal, disastrous policies regarding the Middle East and their impact on the people of the region and on America and Americans as well. He wrote that American economic strength, military strength and the strength of American values had to restored to prevent further chaos in the region, to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power and to keep Israel’s national security from being compromised, any or all of which compromises the national security of the United States too. Romney drew a direct line between restoring American economic and military strength and the strength of American values and preventing chaos and anti-American violence in the Middle East, keeping Iran from possessing nuclear weapons and being a credible guarantor of Israel’s national security. He stated very clearly that American interests could not be met in the Middle East without that restoration and that the national security of the United States would be compromised if it didn’t happen.

Romney was writing about the Middle East but he could just as easily been writing about the United States itself.

The health and very survival of the United States depend on the restoration of the American economy, restoring the American military’s ability to defend and protect the U.S. itself and American allies and interests around the world and reaffirming American values at home and abroad. Of that there is no doubt. If the American economy doesn’t improve by leaps and bounds, if the American military continues to be weakened and if American values continue to be disregarded or cast aside Americans quality of life and future prospects will be reduced and reduced and reduced some more and the country may not survive…at the very least it will change for the worse and be attacked again and again and become virtually unrecognizable.

Romney clearly understands that and Obama clearly doesn’t.

If Obama is re-elected in next months presidential election his policies will continue to devastate, actually destroy, the American economy, the American military will continue to be weakened until it becomes a shadow of its former self, American values will continue to be disregarded and cast aside and America and Americans will pay a terrible price. The United States may not even survive (at least as a free, democratic, secular, pluralistic nation anyway) and will suffer terribly even if it does. Given Obama’s personality, ideology, anti-American proclivities and track record there is no doubt about any of that either.

If Romney is elected he will end America’s malaise and put the country on the path to recovery, security and prosperity. He understands how and why the United States came to be in its current parlous state, has viable solutions to the countries problems and has the skill, courage, humanity and patriotic fervour to put them in place. The U.S. will be a much better place if he is elected whereas it will be a much worse place if Obama wins, if it survives at all that is.

Yes, Romney could just as easily been writing about the United States itself in the Wall Street Journal opinion piece. Restoring Americas economic strength, restoring American military strength and restoring and reaffirming American values, those are the keys.

To everything.

Its all very simple.

If Romney is elected they will happen.

If Obama is elected they won’t.


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