Each man’s biggest issue, Re: Where Obama and Romney stand on the issues, Al Jazeera English, October 3, 2012

Al Jazeera English printed an article today listing issues it says stand at the the forefront of the upcoming presidential election in the United States and the position of incumbent Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney on each of them.

Unfortunately, the author left out numerous issues that are also at the forefront of the election in a great many people’s minds. I thought I’d help Al Jazeera’s readers out a bit and list a few of them for their edification.

Issues that the author neglected to mention include the rule of law and the fact that Obama has regularly, consistently and frequently ignored and/or broken the law during his time in office…the ongoing Islamization of the U.S. and the entirely negative effect it is having on America and Americans…the fact that Obama has regularly, consistently and frequently lied to the American people about anything and everything since he became president… the ongoing erosion and elimination of civil liberties in the United States…secrecy and corruption in government…Obama’s failure to protect American nationals and American interests abroad and the utter failure of Obamas foreign policy in general…shrinking American influence on the world stage… Obama’s fawning to the Islamic world at the expense of the U.S. and the free world…ceding American authority to international bodies…Obama’s socialist, big government ideology and his unwillingness to compromise and moderate his views…Obama’s inability to work with people…Obama’s lack of leadership qualities…Obama’s narcissistic behaviour…Obama’s spendthrift behaviour…Obama’s work habits…the fact that the mainstream media in the United States has abrogated its responsibility and given Obama an absolutely free ride…Obama’s background and his eligibility to run for president in the first place…Obama’s dubious collection of advisers, friends and acquaintances and Obama’s vision of the state of the country when he leaves office at the end of his second term if he gets elected again.

Among many others.

The biggest issue for Obama in the campaign is that he has nothing to run on, no successes to point to. His track record is clear and beyond dispute. Its not just that his failures make him vulnerable, its that he has failed at everything and succeeded at nothing. That’s the biggest issue for Obama.

The biggest issue for Romney in the campaign is whether he is smart enough and tough enough to really go after Obama and speak to the American people about all of Obama’s vulnerabilities and failures and what they portend for them and the country. Can Romney find it within himself to go after Obama with both barrels? That’s the biggest issue for him.

You’re welcome.

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