Well done Mitt, now do it again, Re: Direct Mitt! Romney batters Bam in first debate, New York Post, October 4, 2012

In a piece I wrote yesterday I said “The biggest issue for Romney in the campaign is whether he is smart enough and tough enough to really go after Obama and speak to the American people about all of Obama’s vulnerabilities and failures and what they portend for them and the country. Can Romney find it within himself to go after Obama with both barrels? That’s the biggest issue for him.”

After Romney’s resounding victory over Obama last night in the first of three nationally televised debates between the two the answer is an unequivocal yes.

The contrast between the two couldn’t have been more stark.

Romney was better prepared, more interested, more engaged, more in command of the facts, more personable, better spoken and refused to be bullied or pushed around…refused to let Obama misrepresent his positions and accomplishments and get away with lies and distortions. He came across as capable, strong, unflappable, patriotic and presidential.

Obama on the other hand was sullen, peeved, disinterested, subdued, unprepared, played fast and loose with the facts and relied on discredited, patently false talking points…he acted as if he couldn’t care less and as if he could waltz through the debate without any effort at all, as if he was somehow above it all. He came across as glib, weak and indecisive and didn’t look presidential at all. He looked like a deer who was caught in headlights, not like a president.

Romney showed a great deal of gravitas and strength whereas Obama didn’t show any at all. He was dignified, well-spoken and in command while Obama spent much of the evening smirking, looking annoyed and fumbling for words. Romney acted like a president while Obama acted like a spoiled, petulant child who was in a situation that was way over his head and who knew it.

Well done Mitt, you did a great job last night.

Now do it again in the next two debates just for good measure, just to keep the ball rolling.

And be prepared for anything Obama might throw at you. Sleaze has marked his presidency and sleaze is what he’ll resort to in the remaining weeks of the campaign.

He doesn’t have anything else after all.

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