Barack, Benjamin and the bomb, Re: ‘Iran won’t discuss its nuclear rights’, Jerusalem Post, September 13, 2009

Barack Obama’s attempts to prevent Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons have been an utter failure and have made nuclear conflagration much more likely. In fact, unless the United States takes a completely different course, it is virtually guaranteed. Obama’s belief that he can convince Iran to halt it’s development of nuclear weapons through dialogue and the threat of sanctions and international opprobrium is dead wrong. If he doesn’t become much more realistic and resolute millions of people around the world wil be dead too, including large numbers of Americans. Iran is getting closer and closer every day to possessing nuclear weapons and the systems to deliver them. Can anyone seriously doubt that it’s regime would use those weapons as soon as it could, particularly against Israel? Not any objective person with a knowledge of history, Islam and the Middle East that’s for sure.

Obama’s path is obvious. First, he must set aside his faith in talk and make it abundantly clear to the Iranians that unless they cease and desist by a certain date the full weight of American diplomatic and economic power will be brought to bear, regardless of what anyone else might think or do. Second, he must make sure they understand that the United States military will take matters in hand if the problem isn’t resolved in due course. It is absolutely unacceptable to America for Iran to possess nuclear weapons and if this can only be prevented militarily, so be it. The regime must believe that this will be done if necessary and that there can be no compromises. As President of the U.S. and Leader of the Free World he can do no less.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s path as Prime Minister of Israel is also obvious. First, he must recognize that Israel can no longer depend on America to protect it and that the survival of the country depends on it’s military and no one else’s. Second, he must conclude that the likelihood of America changing it’s general approach to keeping Iran out of the nuclear club is low and that it’s chances of success are therefore practically nil. Third, he must be prepared to have the Israeli military destroy Iranian nuclear facilities on it’s own once it becomes clear that Iran becoming a nuclear power is imminent. Sad to say, Israel’s existence depends on him being willing to do so and not dithering when the time comes.

Come on Obama get your head out of the sand before it’s too late.

Oh, and by the way Mr. President, North Korea is set for it’s third nuclear weapons test and is well on the way to having bombs of it’s own. Substitute North Korea for Iran and South Korea or Japan for Israel and the same applies.

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