Obama an unworthy, lousy president who doesn’t deserve to be re-elected, Re: Obama unworthy commander-in-chief, Las Vegas Review-Journal, November 1, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama is more than an unworthy commander-in-chief, as his response to the attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi seven weeks ago which resulted in the entirely unnecessary deaths of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt.

He is also an unworthy president.

A lousy president.

A president who doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.


How can I say this?

Look at his track record since he became president.

It is uniformly awful…every single aspect of American life has been made worse by Obama…America and Americans are in far worse shape in every area imaginable than they were when he took office. His performance and policies have been beyond naive, amateurish, foolish and simplistic. They have been utterly incompetent and very, very damaging.

Look at his personality.

He is narcissistic, lazy, ruthless, callous, dictatorial, sleazy and has lied to the American people on many, many occasions. He is a smartass micro-manager and know it all who thinks of himself as a superior being who doesn’t have to work hard or take advice from anyone…he considers himself to be above the law and normal conventions and has no compunction about deceiving the American people about anything and anything.

Look at what he believes in.

Obama believes in big government, the bigger the better. He believes that no area of life is immune from government intrusion and control and that the Constitution of the United States and the rule of law are impediments and unimportant and can be disregarded as necessary…he believes he can manipulate and fool the American people into buying into his socialist agenda, accepting a diminished quality of life and giving up their freedom…he believes he can act with impunity… it is also quite possible that he is a closet Islamist who is out to destroy the country from within.

Look at what he doesn’t believe in.

America…American values…the American people…American exceptionalism…America’s responsibility to the world…truth…honesty…transparency…the American way of life…and on and on and on.

Look at what he has to offer.

Nothing except more of the same. Hope and change…not a chance…more of the same…a foregone conclusion.

Yes, Obama is an unfit commander-in-chief alright. He is also an unfit president and a lousy president and the American people must  get rid of him in the presidential election next week.

For their sake, for the sake of their country and for the sake of the civilized world.

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