Mark Basseley Youssef – President Obama’s first political prisoner, Re: ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Filmmaker Sentenced to Prison, KTLA – Los Angeles, November 7, 2012

A California court just sentenced Mark Basseley Youssef, also known as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, to one year in prison followed by four years of supervision upon release for non – violent probation violations. Youssef is the filmmaker behind ‘Innocence of Muslims’, a crude, poorly made 14 minute internet video which mocked and ridiculed Muhammad and sparked anti- American violence, destruction and death throughout the Islamic world (particularly in the Middle East) because Islamists found it offensive and a violation of Sharia blasphemy laws and chose to express their displeasure by attacking America and Americans and calling for curbs on freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

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Make no mistake, the charges and the sentence were politically motivated, which makes Youssef Obama’s first political prisoner and which in turn sends a very clear message to anyone in the United States who mocks, ridicules, satirizes, criticizes, questions or expresses concerns about Islam or anything related to it, even in the most innocent, innocuous or obscure way. Since Islamists are notoriously thin – skinned you can also include simply discussing Islam or presenting the truth about it and how it manifests itself in the world. The message is you do so at great personal risk…you may be called Islamophobic, you may be publicly vilified, you may be accused of blasphemy as Islamic law defines the word and you may wind up in jail.

If that doesn’t cast a pall upon free speech and freedom of expression in the United States nothing does.

If that isn’t a direct, frontal assault on free speech and freedom of expression in the U.S. nothing is.

If that doesn’t give Islamists in America free rein to pursue their goal of turning the United States into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law nothing does..

How can I say that the charges and sentenced were politically motivated?

For one thing Secretary of State Hilary Clinton told Charles Woods, the father of one of the murdered Americans in Benghazi that Obama left to die at the hands of Islamists that they, i.e. Obama and his administration, were going to arrest and prosecute the man behind the video.

For another, Obama and his administration blamed the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi on the video when that was patently not true and also used it to excuse and cover-up their foreign policy failures in the Middle East and Islamic world

For another, one of the top federal prosecutors in California was assigned to the case, which would not have happened unless the government attached great importance to it.

For another, the sentence was entirely out of proportion to the nature of the probation violations.

For another, Obama and his administration patently, obviously and shamelessly used the charges and sentence to mollify and appease Islamists around the world and in the United States itself.

For another, Obama and his administration have enabled and encouraged the widespread Islamization of the United States, at the expense of American values, customs, institutions, laws and the American way of life.

For another, the argument can easily be made that Obama is a closet Islamist and that the Islamization of the country which has occurred in his first term is no accident.

Does all of this mean that the charges against Youssef were politically motivated?

Yes it does

Does all of this mean that his sentence was politically motivated?

Yes it does.

Does all of this mean that Youssef is Obama’s first political prisoner?

Yes it does.

Does all of this mean that free speech and freedom of expression in the United States are in serious jeopardy and that there will be many more attacks to come?

Yes it does.

Does all of this mean that people like me, fierce, public critics of Islam and Islamists, can be neutered and thrown into jail in America even though we have not broken any laws except Islamic ones?

Yes it does.

Does all of this mean that you can be neutered and thrown into jail if you question Islam or express concerns about it too?

Yes it does.

Political trials and political prisoners in the United States…what a total and utter disgrace.

What a total and utter threat to everything America stands for and has always stood for.

What a total and utter disavowal of everything America stands for and has always stood for.

Christ, or should I say Muhammad, what’s the country coming to?

More important, who’s going to fight the barbarians and keep free speech and freedom of expression alive in America?

You, me and everyone else who values them, hell, who values freedom period, that’s who.

Not Obama and his administration, that’s for sure.

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