Iranian jets attack the United States – America responds by sending a protest, Re: Iran Fires At U.S. Drone, CNN, November 8, 2012

Two Iranian jets attacked an unmanned American drone in international airspace over the Persian Gulf last week. The jets failed to bring the drone down even though they fired continuously until it managed to return safely to its base. Instead of responding militarily the U.S. responded by sending a protest to the Iranian government. Even though the attack occurred a few days before the November 6 presidential election in the United States the American public didn’t find out about it until November 8, two days after the election.

Which raises several questions Americans should ask themselves.

What exactly would the Iranians have to do for the U.S. to use its military against them…attack manned American aircraft, attack American ships, attack American facilities, kill or kidnap Americans, what? The drone was clearly marked as American, was clearly in international airspace and was clearly non-aggressive and attacking it was tantamount to attacking the U.S. itself…if that wasn’t enough to provoke a military response what would be?

What conclusions will the Iranians draw from the feeble American response…will the feeble American response encourage them to launch larger and deadlier attacks on America and can Americans expect the next attack to take place relatively soon?

Why did Iran feel comfortable enough to attack in the first place?

Why didn’t the American public find out about the attack until after the election…was news about the attack and America’s feeble response suppressed because it would have had a negative impact on Obama’s chances of being re-elected?

Why didn’t the United States respond militarily and who made the decision not to…did Obama, that well known micro-manager, prevent a military response for personal political reasons?

What conclusions will the Israelis draw from the feeble American response…will they conclude that they cannot depend on President Obama or the U.S. and that their survival and the survival of their country is entirely in their own hands…does this make a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities more or less likely? After all, if the Americans won’t use their military to defend and protect themselves how can the Israelis believe that they will use it to defend and protect Israel?

What conclusions will America’s other allies in the Middle East draw and will American weakness lead to an arms race and war in the region?

What impact will America’s feeble response have on the morale of the U.S. military, which is already at rock bottom, and how will that exceedingly poor morale affect performance and future enlistment?

What does the feeble response reveal about Obama’s character and commitment to country?

What does the attack reveal about Iran’s ultimate intentions, especially now that it is on the verge of developing and possessing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them?

What the hell ever happened to American strength…and pride…to America’s willingness and ability to defend and protect itself…to the doctrine of deterrence?

Americans should ask themselves these questions but they should also pose them to their elected representatives in Washington as well. They should also demand answers, honest ones, and then take measures to make sure that such travesties never happen again.

Iran is Americas self-described mortal enemy. It just attacked the American military, which is tantamount to attacking America itself. That is an act of war, by anyone’s definition. America responded by sending a protest.

Feeble, absolutely feeble.

One thing you can depend on. I know it answers some of the questions but nevertheless…America’s feeble response does make more and bigger attacks a dead certainty and does bring war in the Middle East and beyond closer. Much, much closer.

Iran took note. Americans should too.

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