Israel will be around a lot longer than Obama – America will too, Re: A time for courage – and action, Jerusalem Post, November 9, 2012

President Obama’s antipathy for Israel is well-known and well-documented and so are his pro-Islamic, pro-Palestinian, pro-Jihadist and anti-American proclivities and policies.

Now that he has been elected to a second term we can fully expect him to be even more hostile to Israel than he was in his first. He will try to pressure and intimidate Israel into taking actions which clearly aren’t in her own best interests and will make it plain that American military, financial and international support for Israel will be contingent upon her acquiescing to his wishes, even if those wishes threaten Israel’s national security and have no moral, legal or historic justification. In short, he will act out his antipathy and proclivities and will try and bully Israel into submission, into doing things which she simply should not do, into accepting things she simply should not accept. That they may also be inimical to America’s best interests and threaten the national security of the United States as well is irrelevant. Obama is at heart an anti-Israel, pro-Islamic, pro-Palestinian, pro-Jihadist, anti-American ideologue and his re-election gives him more opportunity to carry out his ideology, which he most certainly will try and do.

Standing up to Obama the ideologue will take a great deal of courage and will be no easy thing for Israel to do but stand up she must. In fact, she has no choice because acquiescing to his wishes, to his demands, would lead to an enormous amount of destruction, suffering, bloodshed and death and jeopardize the very existence of the country. Israel has to stand up to Obama and act in her own best interests because her life depends on it.

If that means refusing to acquiesce to Obama’s wishes, to his demands, so be it. If that means increasing the size and capability of her military so be it. If that means launching a unilateral strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons development facilities to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power so be it. If that means invading Gaza to root out the murderers there who constantly fire rockets into Israel in order to sow terror and kill Israelis so be it. History tells Israelis many things, but perhaps the biggest message of all is that, in the end their survival and the survival of their country depends on them and them alone…in the end they have to do what they have to do to survive, regardless of anyone else…in spite of anyone else.

Including Obama.

That is a message they cannot forget because forgetting it would mean their demise and the demise of their country.

Not to worry though. Israelis got the message a long time ago and are more than capable of taking care of themselves.

They will too, painful and difficult though it may be.

Don’t worry about Obama either. Israel will be around a lot longer than he is.

America will too for that matter.

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