Palestinian rockets no surprise, Re: Gaza Savages Time Their Rockets To Kill Children, Israel National News, November 12, 2012

Palestinians have launched massive rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza since President Obama was re-elected in the United States. The rockets are aimed at Israeli towns and cities in order to terrorize, maim and murder Israeli civilians and destroy as much infrastructure and property as possible.

Purposefully attacking civilians like this is barbaric and savage enough, and all too typical of Palestinians and their Arab/Islamic brethren, but the attacks are made even worse because many of them are timed to kill Israeli children. That makes them beyond savage and barbaric, it makes them inhuman, just like their perpetrators and just like the doctrine of hatred, violence and anti-Semitism the perpetrators actions are based on…Islam

Israel has shown a great deal of restraint so far and has not responded in force. If the attacks keep up however it will have no choice and may even have to send ground forces into Gaza to stop them. Stopping the attacks has to be Israel’s number one priority and if it has to respond in force to do it and if that means bloodshed and death for Palestinians so be it. No nation can accept being attacked like the Palestinians are attacking Israel and a serious, forceful Israeli military response would be entirely justified. The responsibility for whatever Palestinian blood is shed and whatever Palestinian deaths which occur would rest solely with the Palestinians themselves because they have brought the response on themselves by launching the rockets against Israel in the first place.

Its not surprising at all that these attacks have come in the wake of Obama’s election victory. Obama is no friend of Israel and he and his administration have acted against her in many ways since he took office. That his efforts to undermine Israel run contrary to the national security interests of the United States is beside the point…Obama has a real aversion to Israel and the Palestinians may very well have decided that they have a green light to attack Israel because he has four more years in the White House.

In fact, given Obama’s track record and ideology they probably did decide that.

In fact, given Obama’s track record and ideology their Arab/ Islamic brethren have probably decided the same thing, have probably decided that it is open season on Israel because Obama and America will do nothing of substance to assist her, certainly nothing militarily.

In fact, I am quite sure that they have decided exactly that because they have taken the measure of Obama and know exactly how weak, feckless, anti-Israel, anti-American and pro-Islamic he really is.

I am quite sure that the Israelis recognize and understand this too.

What does all of this mean?

It means that Palestinians and their Arab/Islamic brethren will continue to militarily attack Israel until they are stopped by Israel herself.

It means that the United States will not act militarily on Israel’s behalf regardless of the circumstances.

It means that Palestinians and their Arab/ Islamic brethren will continue to demonize, vilify, lie about and try and delegitimize Israel on the world stage and that Israel cannot depend upon America to support her.

It means that Obama’s foreign policy of appeasing, mollifying and kowtowing to Palestinians and their Arab/Islamic brethren is a complete and utter failure and that Palestinians and their Arab/Islamic brethren are in effect laughing in his face.

It means that Israel’s fate is truly in her own hands.

It means that sooner or later Israel will have to re-occupy Gaza and possibly the West Bank.

It means that sooner or later Israel will have to unilaterally attack Iran’s nuclear weapons development facilities.

It means that sooner or later Palestinians and their Arab/Islamic brethren will plunge the Middle East into war and that there will be grave consequences for the United States.

No, its no surprise at all that Palestinians are launching massive rocket attacks against Israel so soon after Obama’s re-election.

Its just the latest manifestation of how barbaric, savage, hateful and inhuman they truly are.

Don’t be surprised when Israel responds in force though.

At least that’s justified.

Palestinian rockets aren’t.

Not if you’re a decent human being anyway.

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