Could this be a wake – up call for Canadians? Let’s hope that it is, Re: ‘Canada will burn; Praise Allah’, Sun News, November 12, 2012

A war memorial in Toronto, Ontario was defaced with the words “Canada will burn; Praise Allah” shortly after Remembrance Day ceremonies ended on November 11.

Most Canadians found the desecration disgraceful and deeply offensive and Toronto police labelled it a hate crime because of the language of the desecration and because it was directed towards a clearly identifiable group…Canadian soldiers who died fighting for freedom and democracy in various wars Canada has participated in.

It was a hate crime to be sure but it was directed towards a much larger group than Canadian soldiers who died fighting for freedom and democracy. It was directed towards Canadians themselves and Canada itself. It was written because Canadian freedom and democracy are anathema to Islamists and Islam, because Islamists and Islam hate and are disgusted by Canadian freedom and democracy, because Islam is a supremacist ideology that mandates obedience to its beliefs (by everyone, not just Islamists) and because Islamists and Islam have no tolerance or respect for anything that is non-Islamic.

Whoever defaced the war memorial really does believe that Canada will burn because it doesn’t subscribe to Islam and because Canadians don’t live an Islamic way of life. Whoever defaced the war memorial believes that burning (and destruction, bloodshed and death) in the name of Islam is entirely legitimate and justified because Islam teaches that it is, because Islam teaches that it is in fact required. Whoever defaced the war memorial may even do some burning or destroying or killing himself or herself…if they do it will be done in the name of Islam and the perpetrator will no doubt praise Allah and/or Muhammad for allowing it to happen.

Let’s hope that the desecration of the war memorial serves as a wake-up call to Canadians. Let’s hope that it spurs Canadians to see just how savage, barbaric and intolerant Islam really is and to recognize and understand the serious threat it poses to Canadian freedom and democracy and the Canadian way of life. Let’s hope that this appalling incident will spur Canadians to fight off the further Islamization of their country and to take remedial measures against the Islamization which has already occurred. Let’s hope that Canadians have the courage to keep their country free, democratic, secular and pluralistic.

Desecrating the war memorial was disgraceful, deeply offensive and hateful alright. Some good may come of it though.

Let’s hope that it does.

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