Hamas ‘fighters’ hide behind women, children and old people, Re: Hamas launching rockets near civilian homes, Palestinian Media Watch, November 19, 2012

Hamas has regularly and frequently used women, children and old people, civilians to put it plainly, as human shields in its past conflicts with Israel and it is doing the same in the current conflict it caused. Using civilians as human shields has been a staple feature of Hamas ‘fighters’ in the past and it remains a staple feature of Hamas ‘fighters’ today.

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No one should blame Israel when women, children or old people are maimed or killed by Israeli shells.

Hamas should be blamed instead for launching rocket attacks from civilian areas, for deliberately placing women, children and old people in locations likely to be targeted and for hiding behind women, children and old people in firefights and skirmishes, all in the hope of avoiding retaliation and scoring political points…all in the hope of saving its ‘fighters’ own skin and manufacturing incidents in order to vilify and demonize Israel before the world.

On the other hand, Israel should be praised for keeping civilian casualties to an absolute minimum and for doing everything it can to avoid them to begin with, often placing its own soldiers in jeopardy to do so.

The use of human shields by Hamas is cynical, callous, cowardly, venal and monstrous by any civilized standard. It shows the world, yet again, that Hamas has no respect for life and that it is willing to go to any means to achieve its ends, which are of course to destroy Israel and remove it from the face of the earth and to terrorize and murder as many Israelis as it can in the process.

Using human shields is cynical, callous, cowardly, venal and monstrous enough…bragging about their use, as Hamas has done on many occasions, and being proud of using them, as Hamas patently is, somehow makes their use even worse. Words like cynical, callous, cowardly, venal and monstrous certainly fit the bill…so do barbaric, savage, inhuman and psychopathic.

Hamas fighters my foot. ‘Fighters’ that hide behind human shields or that use human shields for possible political gain aren’t really fighters at all.

Monsters, cowards and psychopaths are more like it.

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