Rejecting Islam, the change that must take place, Re: Gaza ceasefire comes into effect, BBC News, November 21, 2012

Canada’s National Post newspaper published an editorial on the latest round of fighting between Hamas and Israel this morning and closed it with the following words.

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“In Gaza, meanwhile, mothers and fathers are championing the Gaza spirit by encouraging their sons to go out and kill Jews any way they can.”

“Until that mentality changes, no true peace will ever come.”

Very, very true.

There will never be peace between Israel and her neighbors until those neighbors stop hating Jews, stop trying to maim, terrorize and murder Israelis and stop trying to destroy Israel and remove it from the face of the earth. Until that happens peace is simply not possible. Islamic Jew hatred is what’s really behind all the destruction, suffering, bloodshed, death and war which has occurred between Israel and her neighbors over the years and which is playing out yet again in Gaza as this is being written and unless that changes there is no possibility of peace now or in the future.

The Post failed to speak about the source, the cause of that hatred however.

The source, the cause is not the existence of Israel or any depredations or affronts supposedly committed by Israel since the country was born. The hatred and its expression has nothing to do with any of that, has nothing to do with Israel as such. The source, the cause of the hatred and its expression, the source, the cause of the destruction, suffering, bloodshed, death and war is Islam, which is virulently anti-Jewish and has been from its earliest days and which commands its followers to murder Jews and by extension, destroy Israel, the Jewish nation. Islam is full of hatred, disgust and contempt for Jews and its texts and teachings cannot be clearer about how that hatred, disgust and contempt must be expressed.

With the sword, that’s how.

There you have it. The source, the cause, of all the conflicts and wars between Israel and her neighbors and of all the concomitant destruction, suffering, bloodshed and death is Islam. Destruction, suffering, bloodshed, death and war will remain staples of life in the Middle East unless and until Islam is rejected, unless and until its followers reject its inborn hatred, disgust and contempt for Jews and its poisonous, murderous commands and choose to live in peace and security with Israel. That is the change that has to happen for there to be peace and you can forget about peace happening unless and until it does. The mothers and fathers in Gaza and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world will keep on sending their sons (and daughters too) out to kill Jews unless and until they reject Islam.

Peace? Rejecting Islam is the key.

In the meantime destruction, suffering, bloodshed, death and war between Israel and her neighbors will continue apace.

So Israel and Hamas just signed a ceasefire agreement. So what? The ceasefire will be temporary, very temporary, and the fighting and everything that goes along with it will soon start all over again.

Thanks to Islam.

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