Uh-oh, Re: Iran crows that Israel accepting ceasefire is a sign of weakness, New York Times, November 22, 2012

In the Middle East you live by the sword and you die by the sword.

In the Middle East if you’re weak you die.

A weak Israel is a dead Israel.

Israel’s military might and willingness and ability to use it to defend itself against those who wish to destroy her, Iran, Hamas and their Arab/Islamic brethren included, are the only things that keep the country alive.

Israel just allowed itself to be pressured by the United States and others into signing a ceasefire agreement with Hamas that is completely meaningless and plainly not in her own best interests because it will do nothing to deter Hamas from its stated goal of removing Israel from the face of the earth and terrorizing, maiming and murdering as many Israelis as it can along the way…because it will encourage and enable Hamas and its Arab/Islamic brethren to keep on with their efforts to do exactly that… because it will ensure that they keep on trying to do exactly that.

Israel had three objectives when it invoked its right of self-defence and attacked Hamas last week…to stop Hamas and its Arab/Islamic brethren from firing missiles into Israel, to re-establish Israel’s deterrent power and to destroy Hamas’s long range missile capabilities. It had achieved none of those objectives when it signed the ceasefire agreement. The ceasefire agreement might bring a very temporary respite, but very temporary it will be and Hamas and its Arab/Islamic brethren will soon start attacking Israel and terrorizing, maiming and murdering Israelis all over again.

The government of Israel had to know all that before it signed the ceasefire agreement but chose to sign it anyway.

The government of Israel stopped short under pressure from the United States and others…that’s what it did. In effect, it told Hamas and its Arab/Islamic brethren that they can keep on attacking, terrorizing, maiming and murdering Israelis and keep on trying to wipe Israel off the map and not suffer any real consequences. It didn’t prevent future attacks, it invited them and ensured that they will happen. Soon.

Exhibiting weakness is the biggest cardinal sin any Israeli government can commit and the government of Israel just exhibited a great deal of weakness by allowing itself to be pressured into signing the ceasefire agreement when it did, before it had achieved its objectives.

You can be sure that Israel’s enemies, Iran included, will be quick, very quick, to try and take advantage of Israel’s weakness and that whatever they do will be bloody. Very, very bloody.

Israel better do something very strong and very dramatic to stop them from proceeding. Whatever it does needs to be done soon. Very, very soon.

So Iran is crowing that Israel’s accepting a ceasefire is a sign of weakness.

Unless Israel knows something you and I don’t Iran is correct.

Israel has to change Iran’s thinking (and all of Iran’s fellow travellers too, including Hamas) and not waste any time doing it either.

Uh-oh is right.

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