Climate change comes to Egypt-spring turning into winter, Re: Egypt President Morsi grants himself far-reaching powers, Fox News, November 24, 2012

President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt just turned himself into a dictator with unfettered power by issuing a declaration that makes him immune from judicial oversight.

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Since he already held both executive and legislative power he has effectively concentrated all power into his own hands and become Hosni Mubarak’s successor as dictator of Egypt.

With this latest move he has in fact more power than Mubarak ever had.

Prominent reformer Mohammed Elbaradei wrote that “Morsi today usurped all state powers & appointed himself Egypt’s new pharoah.”

Quite true and very disturbing, not only because Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood colleagues have seized power in Egypt and brought the Arab Spring freedom and democracy movement screeching to a dead halt there but also because Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have every intention of making Sharia the law of the land and will move speedily to do so (a move that will mean untold suffering for millions upon millions of Egyptians, especially women and religious minorities, and a move which will worsen not improve the country’s sick economy) and because Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood hate Jews and hate Israel and cannot tolerate the existence of a Jewish state in the Middle East (never mind right next to Egypt) and will launch a war against Israel as soon as they can while sabotaging her as much as possible in the meantime, which means of course that rivers of Egyptian blood will be spilled and thousands if not millions of Egyptian deaths will occur when the fighting begins in earnest.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions have been crystal clear right from the start. What they want to do has never been secret, not to those who paid attention anyway. Their aim has always been to turn Egypt into a truly Islamic state and have all Egyptians live under Sharia, to eradicate Israel and remove her from the face of the earth and to establish a worldwide Caliphate and have everyone live under Islam and Islamic law. If they get away with this power grab Sharia will soon be law in Egypt , war with Israel will be that much closer and so will the Caliphate.

There is a great deal of opposition to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and demonstrations riots and strikes against the power grab have broken out all over the country since it was announced. Unfortunately, it is very doubtful if the opposition is strong enough to reverse it and it looks like it is a fait accompli.

Actually, it is a fait accompli unless U.S. President Obama convinces, or forces, Morsi and the Brotherhood to rescind the declaration. No one else can do it because no one else has the leverage that Obama has.

Why should he do it?

Because an Egypt with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood at its helm is categorically not in the best interests of the United States…because an Egypt with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood at its helm would severely compromise the national security of the United States…because an Egypt with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood at its helm would increase the spread of Islam in the United States and other Western nations at the expense of freedom and democracy…because allowing the Egyptian people to suffer and starve is morally wrong…because allowing Egypt to launch a war against Israel is ethically wrong and strategically stupid…because encouraging and enabling the rise of Islam in Egypt or anywhere else is tantamount to endorsing a return to the seventh century, tantamount to endorsing hatred, violence, racism, apartheid, misogyny, intolerance, murder, cruelty, slavery, paedophilia, lslamic supremacism, darkness and all the other evils that are at Islam’s heart and carried out in its name…because encouraging and enabling the rise of Islam in Egypt or anywhere else is tantamount to endorsing how Islam manifests itself in the world and how it has always manifested itself…because encouraging and endorsing Islam in Egypt or anywhere else is tantamount to rejecting freedom, democracy, secularism, pluralism, equality, choice, mobility, openness, opportunity, music, light and other attributes that characterize the free, civilized, Western world.

How can he do it?

Egypt receives approximately two billion dollars in aid every year from the United States, well over half of which goes to the military. Egypt is dependent on that aid and there is no question that withholding part of it or withdrawing it altogether would get Morsi and the Brotherhoods attention very quickly. Money talks and the massive amount of aid the U.S. gives Egypt every year gives it leverage that no one else has because withholding or withdrawing it would cause the government and the country to collapse and Morsi and the Brotherhood know it.

Obama has many other levers as well.

Will he do it…will he convince, or force, Morsi and the Brotherhood to rescind the declaration?

No, he won’t.

In the first place he is a closet Islamist (for now) and his sympathies lie with Morsi and the Brotherhood, not with the freedom and democracy movement. In the second place, when he abandoned former President Mubarak he opened the door for Morsi and the Brotherhood to take power and closing it now would be an admission of failure, an admission that his entire Middle Eastern policy has been a failure because he opened the door for enemies of the United States all over the region, not just in Egypt, and the region is imploding as a result…Obama does not and cannot admit to failure. In the third place, look at his background and track record and you’ll see that he won’t exercise his influence to any meaningful degree. In the fourth place, look at the ring on his finger.

That brings us to the Egyptian people themselves.

With their seizure of power Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are turning the Arab Spring into the Arab Winter in Egypt and in the absence of Obama the Egyptian people themselves are the only one’s that could conceivably keep darkness from descending on the land, the only ones that could conceivably bring Morsi and the Brotherhood to heel, the only ones that could conceivably resurrect the promise of the Arab Spring.

Will any of that happen? No it won’t. Some of them are trying but they will not succeed and Morsi and the Brotherhood’s seizure of power really is a fait accompli.

Climate change has come to Egypt alright. This bodes very ill for Egyptians and everyone else in the Middle East and also for Americans and everyone else in the Western world.

Thanks Obama.

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