President Obama-the Muslim Brotherhood’s proxy in the White House, Re: Obama’s Silence on Egypt Speaks Volumes, Commentary Magazine, November 27, 2012

President Obama has revealed his true colors by failing to speak out against Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s seizure of power in Egypt, effectively turning the country into a dictatorship with Morsi and the Brotherhood at its helm.

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Obama’s conspicuous silence and his failure to take action against the coup means that he supports Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and everything they stand for and are trying to do in Egypt, the Middle East and beyond, including the United States.

It means that he supports Sharia and its imposition in Egypt, that he supports Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s desire to turn Egypt into a full-fledged Islamic country governed by Islamic law, that he supports Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s hatred of Jews and Israel and its desire to obliterate Israel and wipe it off the map, that he supports Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s use of bloodshed and terror to further its ends, that he supports Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s desire to establish a Caliphate and make Sharia universal, including in America, that he supports Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhoods ( and Islam’s) anti-American, anti-Western animus, that he supports Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempts to crush freedom, democracy and human rights in Egypt (freedom, democracy and human rights being completely incompatible with Islam), that he will do nothing to support freedom and democracy in Egypt or anywhere else in the Middle East, that he will do everything he can to help Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood consolidate their power in Egypt, including keeping the flow of massive amounts of aid coming, that he will continue to try and weaken Israel and make it more vulnerable than it already is, that he will continue to act as the Muslim Brotherhood’s proxy in the United States, that he will continue to do everything he can to Islamize the U.S. and its institutions and establish Sharia and Islam in America…it means that he is an Islamist himself and that he feels free to come out of the closet now that he doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected.

Given his background and track record there is no other explanation for his behavior.

Here are a few questions Americans should ask themselves.

Why has Obama and his administration consistently aligned the United States with Islamists and Jihadists instead of those who are fighting them, to the detriment of U.S. national security?

Why is Obama’s administration full of Islamists and Jihadists, many with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, who do not have the best interests of the United States at heart and whose loyalties lie with Islam and not America?

Why has Obama knowingly undermined and weakened Israel’s national security and knowingly undermined and weakened the national security of the United States as a result?

Why has Obama fostered, encouraged and enabled the Islamization of the United States and its institutions, including the military?

Why does Obama wear a ring inscribed with the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith (There is no god except Allah) on it and why has he worn the ring for over 30 years?

Obama has given us many and varied reasons to impeach him since he first came into office. Coming out of the closet as an Islamist and working against the interests of the America and Americans to advance Islam in the United States, the Middle East and around the world is the biggest reason of all.

We have to impeach him while we still can…freedom, democracy, our country and our lives depend on it.

As for getting rid of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood…the Egyptian people will have to do that on their own, without any help from Obama…in spite of Obama.

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