United Nations sanctions and rewards hatred, violence, murder, terrorism, corruption and duplicity, Re: UN votes to grant observer status to ‘Palestinian state’, American Thinker, November 30, 2012

The United Nations vote to grant observer status to Palestinians and therefore recognize a de facto Palestinian state was evil.

It was evil because it effectively sanctioned and rewarded hatred, violence, murder, terrorism, corruption and duplicity and told the world that these are legitimate means to an end.

Palestinians and their putative ‘state’ are consumed by hatred and disgust for Israel and they have spent the sixty five years since it came into existence trying to destroy the Jewish state and kill as many Jews as possible in the process. Their efforts have been characterized by violence and terrorism, including the cold-blooded murder of civilians…of women, children and the elderly.

Corruption has also been a feature of Palestinian life in the past sixty five years. In that time Palestinians have received a massive amount of financial aid and the vast majority of it has disappeared down an enormous black hole rather than being spent for the intended purpose. Palestinian leaders and officials have lined their own pockets and become wealthy and have also spent vast amounts of aid money funding propaganda, terror and war instead of using it for whatever it was granted for in the first place.

Palestinian duplicity has been a feature of the past sixty five years as well. Palestinians have lied to the world about all manner of things regularly and frequently, not the least of which is their true intent for Israel, the fact that they have no interest whatsoever in peace with Israel, the fact that they have actively worked against peace with Israel throughout that time, the fact that they have gone back on their word many, many times and the fact that they could have had their own state on several occasions if only they accepted Israel’s right to exist and allowed Israelis to live in safety and security.

Among other things.

The United Nations just reacted to all this well-documented hatred, violence, murder, terrorism, corruption and duplicity by rewarding it. Rather than condemning hatred, violence, murder, terrorism , corruption and duplicity and deeming them unacceptable, the UN rewarded and effectively sanctioned them.

That’s evil.

It also sends a terrible message. It says that as far as the United Nations is concerned hatred, violence, murder, terrorism, corruption and duplicity are legitimate and will be rewarded instead of being unacceptable and deserving of nothing more than condemnation.

Look for more of the same, not only towards Israel but towards the United States and the rest of the Western world as well, especially those countries that voted against the resolution, like Canada. After all, nothing succeeds like success, the Palestinians attitude and intent for Israel is exactly the same as the Islamic worlds attitude and intent for the United States and the West, the resolution was rooted in Islam and Islamic countries ensured its passing and history tells us that this evil, this madness will not stop until people of strength and conscience who love freedom, democracy and human rights and recognize and understand that Islamists and Islam are a mortal threat to all of them force it to stop.

The UN vote had nothing to do with the Palestinians or Palestinian statehood, with Israel or the Israelis.

It had everything to do with Islamists and Islam and their attitude and intent towards the United States and the West…with the 1,400 year old jihad against all things un-Islamic.

That’s the larger context and the rest of the message and that’s evil too.

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