Unhappy New Year-Americans Christmas present from Obama, Re: This Unserious White House, Wall Street Journal, December 2, 2012

Its obvious to all but the wilfully blind that President Obama is not serious about keeping the United States from falling over a fiscal cliff and entering a recession come January.

If he was serious he could have forged an agreement which would have averted financial catastrophe for America and Americans within days of being re-elected. All the elements were in place for an agreement because Republicans compromised and offered to meet Obama’s demands to increase income tax revenue for the federal government by limiting deductions for wealthy Americans, which was a key part of his election campaign…all Obama had to do was pair the deductions with certain agreed-upon spending cuts to avoid the looming financial catastrophe. Obama has refused to accept the Republican compromise and has made financial catastrophe for America and Americans inevitable as a result.


It really boils down to his personality and mentality.

Obama is essentially a classic ‘my way or the highway’…’take it or leave it’ person who is incapable of compromise. In this instance, he wanted (wants) the increased revenue but doesn’t want to make spending cuts to get it…he wants the revenue but only on his terms. That inability to compromise and that take it or leave it mentality have been hallmarks of his presidency and have brought America and Americans to the brink of rack and ruin. If something can’t be done the way he wants it to it simply won’t get done, no matter what the fallout might be. If he doesn’t want to agree to spending cuts in order to increase revenue and keep America from entering into a recession he won’t, no matter how much pain and suffering it causes for individual Americans and regardless of the dire consequences for the country itself. After all, if there is a recession it won’t be his fault for being obstinate, pigheaded, uncompromising, unbending and economically illiterate and incompetent…it will be the Republican’s fault for not agreeing to his demands in their entirety.

So goes his thinking. It really is ‘my way or the highway’ and ‘take it or leave it’. He is a narcissist who cannot conceive of himself as being wrong about anything, who thinks he is right about everything. This means, among other things, that his getting serious about keeping the United States from falling over a financial cliff and entering into a recession come January is simply not in the cards. This means that untold Americans and the country itself will suffer enormously when recession hits the U.S. like a sledgehammer. This means that Obama will blame everyone but himself when it does.

Unhappy New Year-Americans Christmas present from Obama.


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