Obama’s doing it on purpose, Re: Beneath the Presidential Platitudes, Wall Street Journal, December 7, 2012

There is absolutely no question that America and Americans are in far worse shape than they were when President Obama took office in 2009.

No one can credibly argue that America and Americans are better off then they were when Obama was first elected. In fact the reverse is true. There has been a major decline in the lives of individual Americans and the life of the country itself during the past four years and denying that is denying reality. Economically, socially, legally, spiritually, internationally, militarily, in every sphere anyone can think of, America and Americans have been diminished during Obama’s presidency. His track record is uniformly horrendous and he is arguably one of the the worst presidents in American history, if not the worst. The worse case scenario is that America won’t survive as a free, democratic, secular, pluralist country with Obama at the helm for another four year term and the best case scenario is that America and Americans will suffer terribly during that time even if it does. Obama came into office vowing to transform the country and he has done exactly that. For the worse. Ignore his rhetoric and platitudes and look at what he has actually done and show me I’m wrong.

You can’t.

There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from all of this. Since Obama can’t be that stupid or that incompetent he has to be doing it all on purpose. Add his personal background and socialist ideology to the equation, including his Islamic upbringing, and the conclusion becomes even more inescapable. He is trying to destroy the country and bring it to its knees on purpose because American values and institutions and the American narrative are anathema to him and he believes that the world would be a better place if America as we know it ceased to exist, if America was fundamentally transformed as he wishes it to be.

He is well on the way to doing exactly that and may very well succeed unless he is stopped.

How to stop him?

He has to be removed from office.

Since impeaching him is the only way to do that, he has to be impeached.

On what grounds? Dereliction of duty, misrepresentation, stealing the last election through fraud and voter suppression, lying to the American people about all manner of things and failure to uphold his oath of office all come to mind. There are many other equally valid grounds as well.

Impeachment it must be and the sooner the better. America will survive if he is impeached but it may very well not if he isn’t.

America and Americans were attacked by the Japanese seventy one years ago today at Pearl Harbor. Defeating the Japanese took an enormous amount of resolve, to say the least. It will also take an enormous amount of resolve to defeat Obama and his fellow travellers, but defeating them is something we simply have to do.

And no, I am not a disgruntled Republican angry that Obama ‘won’ the last election. What I am is a proud, patriotic American who cherishes freedom, democracy, secularism, civil liberties and the American narrative and who is extremely worried about the state of the country and the direction it is headed in.

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