Reconciliation and peace not possible-Hamas leader tells all, Re: Hamas leader vows never to recognize Israel, Reuters, December 8, 2012

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal spoke before hundreds of thousands of cheering, rapturous supporters in Gaza yesterday and vowed never to recognize Israel and never to rest until Israel is destroyed and removed from the face of the earth…never to rest until the destruction of Israel is complete and all of the land Israel sits on is in Arab/Islamic hands. He spoke before a huge replica of a type of rocket that Hamas uses in its attacks on Israel and said that Jihad and armed resistance are the right and the real way to make this happen. Invoking Islam he effectively told the world clearly and unequivocally that as far as Hamas is concerned reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis is not possible, that peace between Israelis and Palestinians is not possible, that a ‘two state solution’ is not possible because Israel cannot be allowed to exist and that Hamas will not be satisfied until Israel is obliterated and wiped off the map.

None of this is new of course. Hamas was founded twenty-five years ago and its feelings and goals have been plain from the beginning. What is new is that it has never been quite so blatant about what it wants to do and is trying to do, what it has always wanted to do and what it has always been trying to do. If there were any doubts in anyone’s mind about Hamas’s true intentions they have just been removed by Hamas itself in no uncertain terms.

How has the world reacted to this expression of hatred…to this call for genocide…to this rejection of reconciliation and peace…to this declaration of war…to the monstrous anti-Semitism rooted in Islam it is all based on?

With dead silence that’s how. Even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton haven’t condemned Meshaal’s remarks, even though both are well-known for reflexively issuing condemnations at the drop of a hat, especially towards Israel.

Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Silence implies consent and consent is sick no matter what it is based on, weakness, agreement, political posturing or maneuvering, Islam, whatever.

Its also tragic, revealing and self-defeating, tragic because it means more destruction, bloodshed and death in the Middle East and beyond, revealing because it shows just how venal and atavistic Islamists and other anti-Semites really are and self-defeating because Islam is a supremacist, expansionist, violent doctrine that cannot abide Western freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism and wants to get rid of them wherever they are found, not just in Israel. .

You can be sure that Israel got the message and that she will act accordingly though.

Rightfully so. Her survival depends on it.

When Palestinians bleat or when Palestinian blood is shed or when Israel is criticized for the lack of progress in the so-called ‘peace process’ don’t blame Israel or Israelis. They’re not the ones refusing to live in peace and security with their neighbors, they aren’t the ones responsible for all the destruction, bloodshed and death. They’re just defending themselves, as they have every right to do.

Put the blame where it belongs…on Hamas, on Islam, on the Arab/Islamic world.

Meshaal’s speech made that clear and unequivocal too.


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