What a bunch of lunatics, Re: US Congress bans word ‘lunatic’ in federal legislation, BBC News, December 9, 2012

The Congress of the United States has voted to ban the word lunatic from all federal legislation in the U.S.

Now Congress is in the business of banning words is it?

What words will it ban next?

Islam, Jihad, Koran, Sharia, Islamists?

You know, the creed and the people that want to turn America into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law…the creed and the people that are usurping American freedom, democracy, civil liberties, values and law and changing the face of America as we speak…the creed and the people that have infiltrated the federal government at the highest levels in order to Islamize the country…the creed and the people that have brought the world nothing but misery, bloodshed and death since first being foisted upon it 1,400 years ago…the creed and the people that stand for hatred, violence, barbarity, inequality, apartheid, misogyny, intolerance, closed minds and a way of life that is controlled and proscribed to the smallest, most personal detail.

You say that the Obama administration is already doing that and that the military, law enforcement, intelligence and national security communities are prevented from studying and learning about Islam, Jihad, the Koran or Sharia, that Obama and the administration is whitewashing them and has been for years.

That explains a lot doesn’t it?

What a bunch of quislings.

What a bunch of lunatics.

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