Freedom dies wherever Sharia, and Islam, live, Re: Sharia doesn’t pose a threat in America, USA Today, December 11, 2012

Yes it does.

In fact, it poses the biggest threat of all because the ultimate goal of Sharia (and Islam and Islamists) as far as the United States is concerned is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law, Sharia. That would mean the end of freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism in the U.S. and by extension the end of the U.S. as a free, democratic, secular and pluralistic country. Americans would be forced to live under Sharia, and Islam, whether they wanted to or not and would suffer terrible consequences up to and including being killed if they resisted…they would have no choice in the matter and there would be no escape because rejecting or leaving the fold is absolutely verboten.

Since Sharia, and Islam, cannot accommodate freedom of any sort and since Sharia, and Islam, are supremacist and expansionist and have already made deep inroads into American life and institutions and are making more and more every day they most certainly do pose a threat to America and Americans. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know anything about Sharia, or Islam, about what they are and have always been, about how they manifest themselves in the world and have always manifested themselves…to think otherwise is ignorant, blind, deluded, self-defeating and ultimately suicidal.

Unless of course one wants to be forced to live as a robot, as an unthinking, unblinking automaton who has no freedom of choice or anything else and is not allowed to deviate from the norm in any way.

Unless of course one wants to see the death of America and the American narrative.

Freedom dies wherever Sharia and Islam live and that is precisely what would happen in America if Sharia, and Islam took hold…its what always happens wherever Sharia and Islam take hold and it would happen in the United States too…that’s been the story since Sharia and Islam were first foisted upon the world and that would be the story in the United States as well. So yes, Sharia, and Islam, do pose a threat to America, a terrible, large, growing life and death threat.

So what else do Sharia, and Islam, embody besides the death of freedom?

Among other things, they embody hatred, violence, barbarity, inequality, apartheid, misogyny, intolerance, closed minds, child abuse and exploitation, slavery and a way of life that is proscribed and controlled down to the smallest, most personal detail.

Like I said, Sharia, and Islam, pose a terrible, large, growing life and death threat to America and Americans.

Americans better wake up and recognize, understand and remove it soon, while they still can.

Brits, Canadians, the French, Germans, Italians and everyone else in the free, civilized, Western world too for that matter.

Sharia doesn’t pose a threat to America – what a pile of rubbish!

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