Exposure can only lead to horror and horror can only lead to rejection, Re: Lipstick On A Pig? It’s Still Jihad, Atlas Shrugs, December 17, 2012

The vast majority of Americans have a benign view of Islam, Sharia and Jihad which is completely at variance with the truth, completely at variance with their essence and reality, completely at variance with what they really are, what they really say and what they really propound.

That benign view has contributed enormously to the advance of Islam, Sharia and Jihad in America and Islamists on the national, regional and local levels work very hard to whitewash all three and keep Americans in the dark about them in order to get rid of freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism…in order to get rid of all the things that make America America…in order to Islamize the country and eventually turn it into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law.

Most Americans have no idea that Islam and Sharia are evil, savage, violent, bigoted, misogynistic, intolerant, bloodthirsty, supremacist and expansionist (among other nasty things) and that Jihad is meant to spread Islam and Sharia wherever they don’t exist and establish their superiority and dominance, by the sword I might add. That includes Americans throughout government, Americans at the highest levels of government, Americans who serve as useful idiots that unwittingly encourage and enable Islamists to spread Islam and Sharia throughout the land. Even though America and Americans have been victimized by all three for many years and are being victimized even as we speak Americans as a whole simply do not recognize or understand any of that and Islamists want very much to keep it that way. They use deception and lies to try and blind Americans to the essence and reality of Islam, Sharia and Jihad…to keep the truth from them…to make them seem harmless…to make it easier to establish Islam and Sharia in America.

They lie through their teeth is what they do.

Fortunately however there are individuals and organizations in America which recognize and understand what Islam, Sharia and Jihad are really all about and that work very hard to inform their fellow Americans about the evil and savagery they personify and about the threat they pose to them and the country itself.

One such organization is the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which has been running advertising campaigns in New York City and elsewhere which expose all three. These campaigns are most welcome because Islam, Sharia and Jihad cannot stand up to exposure and expose them is precisely what they do. Exposure can only lead to horror and horror can only lead to rejection, which is absolutely necessary if America is going to survive as a free, democratic, secular and pluralistic country. Islamists attempt to counter AFDI’s campaigns with campaigns of their own but these are all based on untruths, as they have to be, and hopefully Americans will see them for what they are before its too late…attempts to manipulate them on the way to controlling them and forcing them to become followers and practitioners of Islam at the expense of whatever else they believe in, at the expense of however else they live their lives.

Organizations like the American Freedom Defense Initiative and others like it do America and Americans a tremendous service and are to be applauded and admired. The organizations themselves and the individuals behind them and involved with them are constantly threatened, attacked and vilified by Islamists who want to shut them up and shut them down, who try to intimidate and silence them in all manner of ways. Their work is not easy and it takes a tremendous amount of courage and commitment for them to stand up to the Islamists and carry on as they do. If American freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism do survive and the savagery, horror and reality of Islam, Sharia and Jihad are rejected and excised from America it will be due in no small measure to their efforts.

And heroics.

Thank you very much. And keep up the good work.

And none of this is Islamophobia or Islamophobic either. Its exactly the opposite.

Its Islam, its Sharia, its Jihad and its true.

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