Is this Americans ‘Oh s..t’ moment?, Re: Alarms Over Obama Coup Against Constitution Surging, WorldNetDaily, January 15, 2013

One of these days Americans are going to wake up from their deep slumber, look around and see what Obama and his fellow travellers have done and are doing to their country, say ‘Oh s..t, this can’t go on’, or words to that effect, and take action to remove him from office.

They will open their eyes and recognize and understand that Obama has taken the country to the edge of rack and ruin and that he will take it over the edge unless he is stopped. They will also recognize and understand that Obama is running roughshod over freedom and democracy in the United States and that he is turning himself into a dictator at the expense of the rule of law, the Constitution and the Balance of Powers.

There will of course have to be a precipitating incident, even though Obama has given already given Americans ample reasons to remove him out from office and he could be impeached tomorrow on any number of grounds.

Obama recently announced that he will bypass Congress and issue 19 separate Executive Orders on gun control. If he actually does so that may very well be it.

Gun control is not the issue here, nor is Obama’s use of the mass murder in Newtown, Connecticut to advance a purely ideological agenda of very dubious merit, which is shameless and disingenuous at best and callous and coldblooded at worst. Whether Americans want more or less gun control is irrelevant as such. The point is whatever happens has to happen within the bounds of the law and the Constitution and cannot be done unilaterally by a President or anyone else, which is something Obama has never understood. Americans elected a President, not a dictator, and Obama has been acting like a dictator instead of a President virtually since the first day he took office. That’s the issue, not gun control.

Bypassing Congress and issuing Executive Orders on gun control would be clearly unconstitutional and a blatant abuse of power, the latest of many I might add. It would also be grounds for impeachment and a large and growing group of legislators have threatened to institute impeachment proceedings if he goes ahead, with the support of distinguished Americans of all stripes, national organizations and ordinary Americans alike.

Will Obama bypass Congress and issue Executive Orders on gun control even though doing so is clearly unconstitutional and could get him impeached? I think he will and I hope it does. The man has been a lousy dictator and a lousy President since day one and he must be impeached before America really does go down the drain and takes freedom, democracy and the civilized world with it. Come on Obama, issue those orders and let us see that narcissistic dictatorial personality of yours one more time.

One last time.

Oh s..t indeed.

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