No, it most emphatically is not, Re: Is the US right to cut missile defense plan?, BBC News Website, September 19, 2009

President Obama’s decision to discard plans to install a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic is idiotic and irresponsible. It is the clearest demonstration to date that the complexities of foreign policy and the linkages therein are beyond his depth. Foreign policy is a terrible area to make mistakes in and this decision is an awful mistake that will have disastrous consequences for America and the world.

The decision makes the United States and it’s allies more vulnerable to nuclear attack, reinforces the perception that Obama is weak, naive, ignorant and can be easily manipulated, encourages Iran and North Korea to continue developing their nuclear capabilities, sends a very clear signal to Israelis that they will have to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat themselves because the U.S. cannot be relied on to do so, calls into question the reliability of American defense commitments in Europe and elsewhere and guarantees a nuclear arms race in the Middle East as countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia seek nuclear weapons of their own. It also makes war in the region inevitable because sooner or later Israelis will be compelled to launch a preemptive strike on Iran to prevent an Iranian nuclear attack on them. The credibility of American deterrence no longer really exists and as a result nuclear calamity is a foregone conclusion.

Unless of course President Obama reverses his decision. Let’s hope that he has the capacity and fortitude to do so because if he doesn’t we’re all in deep deep trouble, in it up to our eyeballs as the saying goes.

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