Terrible speech, terrible presidency, Re: Uncompromising words, BBC News, January 21, 2013

In his Inauguration Day speech in Washington earlier today President Obama signalled very strongly that he will not compromise on anything at all during his second term.

This means that he is going to spend the next four years attacking, demonizing and vilifying those who oppose him and his ideology and policy, acting unilaterally and flouting the Constitution, the rule of law and the boundaries of his office, presiding over the economic, social and military decline of the United States, attacking and diminishing freedom and civil liberties in the U.S., encouraging and enabling the Islamization of the country, turning America into a country riven by hate, envy and division, running roughshod over American values and institutions, deceiving the people and outright lying to them, spending like a drunken sailor and cementing his position as the worst President in American history. Among others, those are all things he did in his first four years (look at his track record honestly and objectively and tell me I’m wrong) and those are all things he’ll do in his second four years as well.

Among others.

In spades.

Compromise? There isn’t going to be any compromise and Americans are going to get more of the same as long as he is in office, whether they like it or not. That was what he really said in the speech. Even if he wanted to compromise on something he couldn’t anyway because compromise simply isn’t in his genes…even if he wanted to compromise on something he couldn’t anyway because he doesn’t have the political skills to do it…even if he wanted to compromise on something he couldn’t anyway because his narcissistic, my way or the highway personality doesn’t permit it.

America and Americans are worse off in every conceivable way since he took office and they will be that much more worse off by the time he leaves. That is the lesson of his first four years and the lesson of his life.


Will Americans put up with all this or will they force him from office while they still can, before the damage which is occurring becomes irreversible? There is already ample reason to impeach him and has been for some time-will Americans (that’s you and me folks) go ahead and get rid of him and save themselves, their country and their way of life while it is still possible? That’s the biggest question of all.

The only question really.

What a terrible speech.

What a terrible presidency.

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