From the desert to your doorstep, Re: The bloody desert, New York Post, January 21, 2013

Three Americans were murdered by Islamic terrorists, Jihadists affiliated with al-Qaeda, in last weeks large-scale attack on a natural gas plant in the Algerian desert near Algeria’s border with Libya. Citizens of Britain, Japan, Malaysia, France and Columbia were also murdered by the Jihadists. Islamists were spared in the attack. Many non-believers escaped, which kept the death toll from being much higher. One of the Jihadists said “We’ve come in the name of Islam, to teach the Americans what Islam is.”

How has the Obama administration reacted?

It hasn’t.

Not by doing anything substantial to deter more attacks and murders in the future anyway. It issued the usual platitudes and recriminations but it has taken no hard steps to protect Americans and American and Western interests from more attacks and murders. It responded with weakness, not strength, and that virtually guarantees more attacks and murders in the future, including attacks and murders in the American homeland itself and in the West in general. Words won’t deter Jihadists and prevent them from committing more and more atrocities. Only the sword will, and Americans unwillingness to use it means that more and more of them will take place.

That’s the real lesson of Algeria and Cairo and Benghazi and 9/11 and the USS Cole and all the other attacks on America and Americans over the years in the name of Islam. Weakness leads to destruction and death and until America and Americans hit back hard with every means at their disposal destruction and death is exactly what they’ll have to deal with…the rest of the West too. Its a lesson Obama and his administration haven’t learned and America and Americans have paid a terrible price as a result and will continue to pay a terrible price until they do. A weak America is a dead America and a strong America is a live America…that’s what it really boils down to.

Obama and his administration want to ignore the anti-American animus that pervades the Islamic world and render the American military incapable of defending and protecting America and Americans in the homeland or anywhere else. They want to delude the American people into thinking that Islam and Jihadists aren’t at war with them and mean to destroy the country and turn it into an Islamic state and that they don’t really need a strong military to defend and protect them.

That’s a death warrant for the country and for Western civilization and Americans simply can’t let Obama and his administration get away with it.

Algeria, Cairo, Benghazi…what did they expect?

Washington, Dearborn, Fort Hood…what did they expect?

9/11, the USS Cole, all the other attacks on America and Americans over the years in the name of Islam…Americans don’t need to be taught about Islam, they already know.

Coming soon to a doorstep near you…guess what…they’ve already come.

Now get rid of them while you still can.

And if you live in Canada, Britain, France, Germany or anywhere else in the West…the same applies.

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