The Opposite of Olympian is….Obama, Re: Roland Burris – ‘It’s Bush’s fault’ Chicago lost the Olympics, American Thinker, October 4, 2009

So the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2016 Summer Olympics to Rio de Janeiro in spite of intense lobbying efforts by Barack Obama on behalf of Chicago. Not surprising. He has failed in every single major portfolio to date so why shouldn’t he have failed in this one too? Health care, the economy, foreign policy-there has been a singular lack of success in all these areas and the root cause of this made failure entirely predictable.

What is the root cause you ask? It’s Obama’s personality and mentality. Despite well documented evidence to the contrary he thinks he knows better than everyone else about everything and spends much of his time lecturing and threatening people and trying to bully or intimidate them into doing what he wants them to. Watch his hands next time he gives a speech. He’s always waggling his fingers and acting like a scold. While this may work with acolytes and sycophants it won’t work with thinking adults in the real world, especially those who are far more aware and accomplished than he is. All it does is turn them off, get their backs up and make them instinctively discount whatever it is he’s propounding. That’s probably what happened with the IOC. He may bask in his own brilliance but many others most certainly do not and find this very tiresome indeed. More and more all the time actually.

There really isn’t any humility or ability to understand people or history in his persona. He is a very condescending individual and is the classic ‘my way or the highway’ type. This is costing us all very dearly and means, among other things, that he is going to go down in history as a failed, one term President.

In retrospect, Chicago’s organizing committee should have kept him as far away from the IOC as they could. The 2016 Summer Olympics might well have been in Chicago if they had.

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