Has Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility been sabotaged?, Re: Iran’s Fordo hit by explosion?, WorldNetDaily, January 27, 2013

Reports are coming out of Iran that a large explosion has destroyed much of Iran’s Fordo nuclear facility. Fordo is thought to be Iran’s second largest nuclear facility and plays a key role in Iran’s nuclear weapons development program. The reports have not been corroborated by any official Western source, yet, but it seems clear that a large explosion did in fact take place at Fordo, which is carved into a mountain and is considered to be impregnable to airstrikes and most bunker buster bombs.

If the reports are true, and there are ample reasons to believe that they are, a severe crimp would be placed in Iran’s race toward developing and using nuclear weapons. The nuclear weapons development program would not be incapacitated, but it would most certainly be hampered and slowed down. Although the Iranian regime has not officially acknowledged the explosion it evidently believes that it was sabotage and that the explosives could have reached the blast site disguised as equipment.

Regardless, the explosion can only be seen in a very positive light. It did more than put a severe crimp in Iran’s race toward developing and using nuclear weapons. It relieved some of the time pressure to use overwhelming force to shut down the nuclear weapons development program altogether and also showed the Iranians that their most secure facilities aren’t as secure as they thought they were and that no part of the program is immune from sabotage. Will that deter or give pause to the mad Mullahs who are pushing Iran’s development and use of nuclear weapons? No it won’t, but it might deter and give pause to some of the scientists and technicians in the program, which might in turn lead to delays or subversion. At the very least, the explosion is a giant headache for the mad Mullahs and everyone else involved in the program and that is a very good thing.

Especially if it really was sabotage as the mad Mullahs believe it was.

There have been rumors recently that the Israelis have decided to increase their efforts to sabotage Iran’s nuclear weapons development program as a prelude to using overwhelming force to shut it down altogether if their efforts are unsuccessful. Lets hope that the rumors are true and that the Israelis succeed in sabotaging the program, succeed in shutting it down and destroying it through sabotage without having to use overwhelming force.

The Israelis know perfectly well that nuclear weapons have to be kept out of Iran’s hands at all costs because the instant Iran acquires them is the instant they use them against Israel in an effort to annihilate the country and remove it from the face of the earth. They also know that sanctions and diplomacy have been fruitless, are fruitless and will be fruitless, that time is not really on their side and that they are on their own, that their fate is in their hands and no one else can be counted on. If they can shut the program down and get rid of it through sabotage all the better. If they have to use overwhelming force to shut it down and destroy it so be it. After all, it is their lives, their land and their country and one nuclear weapon, not several, one, would obliterate all three and there is no doubt whatsoever that the Iranians will attempt to do exactly that as soon as they are able to, as soon as they develop and possess a nuclear capability.

Let’s hope that the explosion at Fordo was sabotage and that sabotage will succeed in shutting down and destroying Iran’s nuclear weapons development program, that overwhelming force won’t be necessary.

That’s the best alternative, for everyone’s sake.

Except the mad Mullahs and their fellow travellers of course.

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