Back to the past or forward to the future…that’s the question for Egyptians, Re: Violence Grips Egypt: Morsi Declares State of Emergency, Protesters Defy His Decree, Atlas Shrugs, January 30, 2013

Violent clashes between pro and anti-President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood forces have been taking place throughout Egypt and the situation in the country has become so severe that Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, the Defense Minister and head of the Army has warned that the conflict could lead to a collapse of the state if it continues.

Anti-Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood protesters believe that the Islamist government is non-democratic, that it rammed through a Constitution based on Islam without due consultation and approval, that the democratic process has been hijacked, that Morsi and the Brotherhood have been acting like dictators instead of elected officials responsible to the people, that they have tried to cement their grip on power through violence and that they have failed to take measures to come to grips with the countries deteriorating economy.

The protests are becoming larger and more violent as we speak and it is entirely possible that el-Sissi’s warning was prescient and the government will lose control and collapse, which would of course lead to even more, violence, bloodshed and chaos. Even if the government doesn’t collapse and does maintain control and power the violence, bloodshed and chaos aren’t going to go away because the only way it will survive is through the use of crushing force, through using the military to crush all dissent.

Whether Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood can remain in power is an open question at this point.

Their hold on power is tenuous at best and whether or not they remain in office really depends on the willingness of the military and the police to violently suppress the people. They might but on the other hand they could abandon Morsi and the Brotherhood for the good of the country (which has suffered mightily under their rule) and govern themselves.

The situation as they say is fluid.

In any case, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have shown the world that they are Islamists of the first degree…have shown the world that they are raving lunatics whose true purpose is to turn Egypt into a fully Islamic state governed by Sharia, Islamic law…have shown Egyptians that they have no answers to their many problems, that their problems will get worse, not better, under them and that they are entirely unfit to govern…have shown the world that their hatred and disgust for Jews and Israelis knows no bounds, that they will do everything they can to undermine Israel and will eventually go to war with her…have shown that they are anti-American and have no hesitation in taking advantage of the United States, in manipulating Americans and using them as much as they possibly can… have shown that women will be chattels and nothing else under them and that whatever independence they had will be lost…have shown that they are ruthless and liars and cannot be trusted or depended upon and have shown that their thinking and behaviour is uncivilized and backwards, comes out of the seventh century and has no place in the modern world.

No one knows how the conflict in Egypt will play out of course and it will take many twists and turns until its resolved. It can rightfully be seen however as a struggle between the darkness and the past as represented by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the future, between the atavism and cruelty of the seventh century and the freedom, democracy and modernism of the twenty-first. Do Egyptians want to be part of and live in the seventh century or do they want to be part of and live in the twenty-first century…that’s what the conflict in Egypt is all about.

Is it back to the past or forward to the future…that’s the question for Egyptians.

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