Snippets from Europe this date, Re: Which Country has the highest Rape Rate in the World?, American Thinker, February 10, 2013

One out of every four women in Sweden is a rape victim. Last summer an average of five rapes a day were reported in Stockholm alone. Muslims are represented in approximately three quarters of cases. Muslim immigrants are forming an ever larger percentage of the Swedish population and the epidemic has coincided with a massive increase in Muslim immigrants who are bringing Islam, that most misogynistic of ideologies, along with them.

Rape is also a serious problem in other European countries with large Muslim immigrant populations and the instances and percentage of rapes and rape victims has been growing accordingly as Muslim immigrants increase their numbers.

A British communications watchdog has made a series of rulings against Islamic television channels in Britain which openly preach hatred and violence in contravention of broadcast rules and regulations.

Cases disclosed include an Islamic scholar telling viewers that anyone who insults or disrespects Mohammed should be tortured and killed, a preacher who is banned from setting foot on British soil telling viewers that anyone who leaves Islam should be put to death, another broadcaster saying gay people should be beaten and tortured and another that broadcasted programs which denigrated the minority Ahmadi sect, a sect which many Islamists consider misguided at best and heretical at worst. Channels were also castigated for not keeping recordings of all their broadcasts, which means that similar material which has been or is being broadcast cannot be traced.

You can bet that it is, broadcast rules and regulations or no broadcast rules and regulations. The Islamic world is awash with programs that preach hatred and violence and British and European airwaves are full of this poison. Hatred and violence are staples of Islamic broadcasting throughout the Islamic world and Islamic communities in Britain and Europe are no exception.

Female genital mutilation is a growing problem in Germany, with approximately 30,000 females living there being victimized by the practice and an estimated 6,000 others at risk. Female genital mutilation takes place entirely in Islamic communities and doctors, social workers and teachers in Germany say that they are having to deal with the practice more and more as the communities become larger and the population increases.

Its a problem in Islamic communities in the rest of Europe too. For example, healthcare professionals, educators, policy makers and police in Bristol, England were recently told that approximately 2,000 girls in Bristol alone were in danger of being mutilated.

Female genital mutilation alters or injures female genitalia for non-medical reasons. To quote the Bristol Post “FGM involves partial or total removal of external female genitalia. It carries the risk of death from bleeding or tetanus, and long-term problems including urinary incontinence, recurrent infections and chronic pain. In some cases, reversal procedures are necessary for childbirth.” It occurs widely in Islamic communities in Europe even though it is a painful, cruel, barbaric practice by any civilized measure.

Enough said.

Someone tried to murder Lars Hedegaard at his home in Copenhagen, Denmark earlier this week. Hedegaard opened his door to a person dressed in a postal service uniform, who thereupon pulled out a gun and fired a shot which narrowly missed his head. The gunman fled after a brief scuffle during which he fired two more times, the gun jamming twice before he ran away.

Hedegaard is seventy years old, a passionate defender of freedom of speech and freedom of expression and a well-known, long-time vocal, public critic of Islam. He is President of the Danish Free Press Society and co-editor of Dispatch International, a weekly online newspaper…the Danish Free Press Society has regularly and frequently warned that freedom of speech and freedom of expression are seriously threatened by Islam in Denmark and Europe in general and Dispatch International is published in Danish, Swedish and English and includes content that is critical of Islam. The attempted murder has been widely interpreted as an attempt to silence Hedegaard and remove an outspoken critic of Islam from the public sphere.

The attempted murder was much more than that however. It was a direct, frontal assault on freedom of speech and freedom of expression in Denmark and Europe and a warning to anyone on the continent who might wish to express reservations about Islam and the entirely negative effect it is having there…do so and you might die. Islam is exceedingly violent by nature and the use of violence to threaten, intimidate and silence critics of Islam in Denmark, Europe and around the world is nothing new and very, very typical, especially if they are well known like Hedegaard. Islam and Islamists don’t care about free speech or freedom of expression in the least. All they care about is shutting critics up and they have no qualms about using violence or the threat of violence to do so, no qualms about murdering them if they have to.

There you have it…some snippets from Europe on this 10th day of February 2013.

Raping and mutilating girls and women, preaching hatred and violence, trying to silence critics and assaulting freedom of speech and freedom of expression, all in the name of Islam.

One day in the life of Europe.

Think it can’t happen in Australia, Canada and the United States, or anywhere else for that matter?

You’re wrong.

It can and it is and we ignore it at our peril.

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