Memo to Israel – don’t wait, Re: ‘Conspiracy to co-operation’ in Iran, National Post, October 5, 2009

Baloney! Or to put it another way, bull…..

Even in the murky world of Middle East politics some things are patently obvious.

Unless drastic measures are taken Iran will soon have the ability to launch nuclear weapons at Israel.

It will do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

Short of military action, nothing the United States or the West can do will prevent Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons, including sanctions and containment.

Iran is duplicitous and is masterfully manipulating President Obama into thinking that it will co-operate and accede to his demands when in fact all it is doing is buying time and getting closer every day to becoming a nuclear power.

President Obama doesn’t have the backbone, intelligence, knowledge or inclination to stand up to the Iranians and never will, nor is he able to see that nuclear weapons in Iran’s hands severely compromise America’s own national security. U.S. military intervention will therefore simply not happen. Military intervention by other Western powers is also not going to happen.

Israel is on it’s own and has to realize that neither the United States or anyone else will prevent an Iranian attack or come to it’s defense when an attack occurs. It must also realize that there is no possibility of changing American policy, which is making a bad situation worse and placing the lives of millions of Israelis and the very existence of the country in grave danger.

Israel’s hands are tied by the flaccid response of America and the West to Iran’s nuclear threat. It is perfectly clear that it has one option and one option only. It must destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities on it’s own and the sooner the better.

There really is no other choice.

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