Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day, Re: Hating Valentine’s, FrontPage Magazine, February, 15, 2013

Love your partner? Have romantic feelings for someone else? Better not express that love or those feelings in the Islamic world, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Islamic world could easily get you in a whole lot of trouble…it could get you beaten, tortured, mutilated, even killed. Islam demands complete, total, unwavering commitment to itself and its imperatives and personal romantic love, a personal romantic commitment to another human being, means that the commitment to Islam cannot be all-encompassing. That is why celebrating Valentine’s Day is verboten in the Islamic world, that is why Islamists revile the holiday, that is why Islamists all over the world forbid celebrating it and punish those who do, many times very severely. Valentine’s Day represents and celebrates love and commitment to something, someone, other than Islam, Muhammad or Allah and Islam and Islamists cannot abide or permit that.

Valentine’s Day 2013 has come and gone and the Islamic world remained true to form this year, as it has every other year as well and as it will every year until Islamists come to their senses and see love and commitment to human beings as a higher value than commitment to an ideology, until they recognize that personal romantic love and commitment to another human being is a higher value (and far more important and human) than commitment to a creed. This year as in other years, wherever Islamists live, Imams and other Islamists raged against Valentine’s Day and people who wished to celebrate it have been prevented from doing so and punished if they tried. So were people who wished to profit from it by selling goods which have become synonymous with it, like chocolates in heart shaped boxes or some such thing. There were angry sermons and angry mobs and Islamists did their utmost to suppress Valentine’s Day, to suppress and prevent its expression or celebration in any way, shape or form, to suppress and prevent expressing or celebrating personal romantic love and commitment to another human being in any way, shape or form.

For those of you out there who thought that loving another human being and being committed to someone other than yourself is the ultimate expression of humanity, is what being human is really all about, is the highest human value of all…not in Islam they aren’t.

Especially on Valentine’s Day.

Commitment to Islam precludes commitment to anything else, including other human beings. Loving someone else and being committed to them gets in the way of being committed to Islam. Valentine’s Day represents and celebrates commitment to something other than Islam, which is why its reviled and suppressed throughout the Islamic world.

If suppressing love and commitment for another human being and suppressing the celebration of that love and commitment isn’t sick and inhuman I don’t know what is.

Anyway, not being an Islamist and not living in the Islamic world, my love and I had a wonderful, joyous and meaningful Valentine’s Day.

I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day too. The more love and commitment there is in the world the better and holidays that represent and celebrate love and commitment are fine by me.

That’s love and commitment to other human beings, not ideologies and creeds.

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