Obama, Kerry, Hagel and Brennan…the Four Horsemen of America’s Apocalypse, Re: Obama nominations lock us into downward spiral, Washington Times, February 19, 2013

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are mythic figures which represent war, famine, pestilence and death.

Synonyms for apocalypse include disaster, catastrophe and destruction.

Barack Obama, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and John Brennan are real figures and may be seen as the Four Horsemen of America’s Apocalypse.

Obama has been President since 2009. In his first term he has established new standards for futility, incompetence, deception and abuse of power and has cemented his standing as the worst President in the history of the United States. He has led the country to the brink of rack and ruin and could easily lead it over the edge by the time he leaves office at the end of his second term, if not before. America and American’s are worse off in every conceivable way than they were in 2009 and there is no possibility of improvement in any area as long as he is President. In fact, things will get worse, not better and it will take years, perhaps generations, for the country to recover, if it can do so at all. There is no doubt at all that Obama’s presidency has been disastrous, catastrophic and very, very destructive.

John Kerry is Obama’s newly appointed Secretary of State. He is a long-time Senator and failed Presidential candidate who has distinguished himself by being dead wrong about every single major foreign policy issue there was throughout his career, by regularly resorting to deception and prevarication to mask his mistakes, by flip-flopping along with shifts in the political winds, by aiding and comforting America’s enemies, by acting on the edge of the law, by mocking and denigrating America’s armed services and American military personnel, by smearing and undermining former President Bush, by supporting massive cuts in the past which would have crippled America’s ability to defend herself and by doing the same today, by exhibiting a naive, ignorant and dangerous attitude towards Islam and Islamists and the danger they pose to the United States and the rest of the free world, by valuing appeasement above all and by exhibiting an aversion and disdain for America and Americans. He is the mirror image of Obama and will dutifully and faithfully carry out Obama’s wishes and policies because they are in the end his own as well, which is of course why Obama called him the perfect choice for Secretary of State.

Chuck Hagel is Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defence. He too is a long-time politician and he too shares Obama’s attitudes, biases and chequered past. The confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee he went through in January shone a clear light on his fitness for the post. To quote from a piece I wrote about the hearing…

“Hagel’s performance before the Committee was disastrous and embarrassing for him and President Obama and did nothing to assuage critics worse fears about his attitude and incompetence. In fact it confirmed them. He was glib, evasive, misleading, confused, smug, belligerent and played fast and loose with facts…he said many things that were either wrong or simply untrue and contradicted himself on several occasions…he backed away from or disavowed positions he has taken in the past…all of that, and more, was bad enough but he also showed a clear lack of understanding about the role, function and responsibilities of the Secretary of Defence, a clear lack of understanding about America’s place in the world and the obligations that come with it, a clear lack of understanding about the nature, depth and strength of America’s enemies and the threat they pose to the country’s very existence and a clear anti-military, anti-Israel and some say anti-American bias. He revealed himself to be a man of weakness instead of a man of strength, a man who would diminish American military strength and preparedness at a time when strength and preparedness are absolutely necessary, a man who wouldn’t question anything, who would simply do as he was told and act as a prop and a sop for Obama and his policies of appeasement (which is probably why Obama nominated him in the first place), a man who wouldn’t bring management or leadership skills to the position, a man who would be a slave to his and Obama’s biases and ideology and a man incapable of making clear-eyed, objective, hard-headed, independent, hard decisions or providing clear-eyed, objective, hard-headed, independent advice to the President.”

That’s Kerry and Hagel for you. Notice any similarities? There are a great many, including the facts that both are lapdogs for Obama and both are as competent, skilled and suited for their positions as he is.

Which brings us to John Brennan.

John Brennan is Obama’s nominee for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He has served as Obama’s counter-terrorism advisor for the past four years and has been instrumental in devising and implementing Obama and his administrations spectacularly unsuccessful ‘hear no evil, see no evil, head-in-the sand, appeasement’ approach to Islamic terrorism against America and Americans, both at home and abroad, including the Middle East. He is a former CIA Station Chief in Saudi Arabia and may well be a convert to Islam. The jury is still out on that but in any case his sympathy, identification, advocacy for and dealings with Islamists are well-known and well-documented. He has been accused, with very good reason I might add, of aiding and abetting Islamists to the detriment of America and Americans and the West in general, has whitewashed and excused terrorist acts by Islamists against America and Americans and the West in general regularly and frequently, is associated with sworn enemies of the United States like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, has brought Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas leaders and representatives into the government, was intimately involved in the Benghazi debacle, is a strong advocate of downsizing the U.S. military and has a benign, simplistic, naive, complacent, and utterly false view of Islam and Islamists and the mortal danger they pose to the United States and the free world, a view which has no basis in reality and colors and pervades his thinking and actions. His bias is palpable and that bias, along with his questionable background, his lack of judgement, his weak strength of character and his non-existent analytical skills make him totally unsuited and unqualified for the CIA Director position.

Put another way, he is every bit as suited and qualified for his position as Obama, Kerry and Hagel are for theirs, which is to say he isn’t and they aren’t.

Obama, Kerry, Hagel and Brennan…the Four Horsemen of America’s Apocalypse.

God help us.

These guys won’t.

In fact, if we let them they could easily destroy us.

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