Coptic Christians Beheaded in New Jersey, Re: Islamic Butchery Manifests In America With Muslim Immigration, Right Side News, February 21, 2013

Two Coptic Christian students from Egypt studying in the United States were beheaded in New Jersey earlier this week by a 28 year old Muslim man named Yusuf Ibrahim…he also cut off their hands in accordance with Islamic Law… “When Allah was revealing to the angels, ”I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so cut above the necks, and cut every finger of them!”-Quran 8:12”

Their bodies were buried behind a home in Buena Vista Township, New Jersey and the heads and hands were buried separately at a different site.

ABC News has reported that the two men were targeted, mutilated and murdered because they were Coptic Christians.

This is consistent with the terrible conditions Coptic Christians live under in Egypt.

Approximately ten percent of Egyptians are Coptic Christians. They have always been the victims of persecution in Egypt because of their unbelievers’ status. Their situation in Egypt has always been egregious, but it is particularly egregious today under the current Islamist government, under Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Under Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Coptic Christians are routinely beaten, mutilated, raped and murdered…their property and churches are vandalized, burned and destroyed…they are forced to renounce their religion and convert to Islam…all at the behest and instigation of the government, all with the encouragement, support and collusion of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood…all in the name of Islam…all because they are unbelievers’.

Unbelievers’ like you and me.

Hany Tawardros and Amgad Konds, the two Coptic Christians murdered and butchered in New Jersey must have been exceedingly relieved at being able to come to the United States, at being able to escape the terrible conditions Coptic Christians live under in Egypt. Being slaughtered in New Jersey is more than tragic, it is also very ironic because Tawardros and Konds must have thought they would be safe in the U.S.

Little did they know.

Little do most Americans know.

While Islamic beheadings and behandings are virtually unheard of, so far, in the U.S. Islamic violence most certainly is not. It is a large and growing phenomenon in the Islamic community itself and is also spilling over into the wider, non-Islamic population as the Islamic community becomes larger, more prickly, more assertive and more…Islamic. Islam by its very essence and nature, is violent, cruel, misogynist, intolerant, supremacist and expansionist and as its influence and power grow in America the Islamic community is feeling more and more entitled, is becoming more and more emboldened and is becoming less and less hesitant about carrying out Islam’s imperatives, like suppressing unbelievers’ or ignoring the law of the land or establishing the supremacy of Islam and Islamic law or forcing conversions or any number of other things, violently if necessary. To say that Islam and Islamists are a serious threat to freedom, democracy and civil liberties in the United States is no exaggeration…to say that the threat is growing day by day and that Islam and Islamists are changing the character and reality of the country as we speak aren’t exaggerations either. Americans are beginning to wake up to Islam’s reality and the threat it poses to them and the American way of life but the country as a whole remains more or less somnolent.

Perhaps this horrible, disgusting, ghoulish oh so Islamic incident will open peoples eyes.

Beheadings and behandings on American soil in the name of Islam…what a loud and clear wake-up call that is.

God help us all if we don’t hear it.

And act on it.


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