So what will you do?, Re: Europe: A Continent in Flight, EuropeNews, February 26, 2013

All over Europe people are fleeing before the onslaught of Islam and Islamists.

They are fleeing their homes, their neighborhoods, their cities and their countries because they have become Islamic, dangerous and violent…because their culture and way of life is being overwhelmed, negated and replaced by Islamic hordes…because Islamists have forced or are trying to force Islam and its imperatives down their throats…because everything has changed for the worse and they can’t live normal lives anymore…because living where they are isn’t safe for them anymore.

Europe is not an Islamic continent quite yet, but it is more than well on the way to becoming one and is getting close. Islam being Islam and Islamists being Islamists Jews and Christians are particularly vulnerable and have suffered the most, but all of Europe is being rapidly Islamized and unbelievers lives are being changed and their cultures attacked and wiped out at the hands of Islamic hordes throughout the continent.

Some people speak out and fight back but those that do put their lives on the line. A large and growing number of people have decided to vote with their feet and leave instead. Who can blame them? If things keep on going the way they are it is as plain as day that Europe will soon become an Islamic continent…that Judeo-Christian values and culture will disappear… that they will have to live Islamic lives under Sharia, Islamic law, or suffer terrible terrible consequences.

Fight, flee or live under Islam and Islamists and be governed by Sharia, Islamic law. That’s the choice Europeans are faced with, that’s the choice unbelievers in Europe, especially Jews and Christians, have to make.

You might as well say unbelievers, particularly Jews and Christians, in every country in the West too, Australia, Canada, the United States, every one. All of them are under assault by Islam and Islamists and all of them are being Islamized to one degree or another, with much more to come unless the tide is turned. Europe is just the most extreme example of the Islamization of the West but it is a serious and growing problem everywhere and unbelievers, particularly Jews and Christians, have decisions to make wherever they live.

So what will you do?

Better hurry up and decide.


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