Mahmoud’s matches, Re: Playing with fire, New York Post, February 26, 2013

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is orchestrating a campaign of violence, destruction, bloodshed and death against Israel and Israelis because he is chagrined that the world isn’t paying much attention these days to Palestinian grumbling and complaining and because he wants U.S. President Obama to make Palestinian issues a focal point of his visit to Israel and the region in March, rather than focus on Syria, Iran and a multiplicity of other topics as the White House said he would do.

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Abbas and the Palestinian Authority are using violence and the threat of violence to try and grab the world’s attention and grab Obama’s attention too. So far the violence has been relatively low-key but it will escalate and could easily turn into a full-fledged intifada at his instigation if he doesn’t get his way. He is manufacturing reasons for Palestinians to feel aggrieved and encouraging them to react violently when they do. If the violence provokes the Israelis to reply in force and defend themselves all the better as far as he is concerned. That would certainly grab the world’s attention and Obama’s as well, especially if it happens just before he arrives or even during his visit.

Abbas’ actions are cynical, cold, calculating, manipulative and utterly devoid of concern or respect for human life, Israeli or Palestinian. They are blackmail of the worst kind. The results have to lie squarely on his shoulders and he should be held fully accountable for them.

Even Obama should know that.

Even Obama should know that the blackmailing won’t stop if Abbas and the Palestinian Authority succeed, that it will just get worse and worse because that is the nature of the beast.

Abbas and the Palestinian Authority don’t think he does though or else they wouldn’t be orchestrating and carrying out the campaign.

Or maybe they think he doesn’t care.

We’ll see if they’re right.

In the meantime look for the violence and everything that goes along with it to continue and to escalate.

Talk about cynical, cold, calculating, manipulative and utterly devoid of concern or respect for human life, Israeli or Palestinian…Abbas and the Palestinian Authority embody all of that and more.

If Obama had an ounce of sense and an ounce of morality he wouldn’t fall for their ploy for a minute.

If he does that would make him just like them, wouldn’t it?

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