Re: Iran’s President a symbol of new anti-Semitism, Toronto Globe & Mail, April 24, 2009

Marcus Gee is incorrect if he thinks that “the hopes for real peace are faint” until the Islamic world accepts Israel’s right to exist and it’s peoples right to live in peace and security. Unless these things happen the prospect of real peace isn’t faint, it’s non-existent. There is no possibility of real peace unless the Islamic world changes it’s attitude towards Israel first.

Until that occurs the violence and suffering will continue on ad infinitum to everyone’s detriment because the Islamic world will simply not alter it’s behaviour. The first thing anyone who is really interested in peace in the Middle East would work towards is bringing that change about.

How can there be peace if Israelis have to constantly worry about the survival of the State and be subjected to attacks that may kill or maim them at any time? There can’t be. How can the Islamic world change it’s behaviour if the underlying attitudes don’t change? It can’t.

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