Budget cuts all Obama’s fault, Re: Obama signs sweeping US budget cuts into effect, BBC News, March 2, 2013

President Obama just signed off on a series of budget cuts which will take eighty-five billion dollars out of the federal budget in the United States this year.

The cuts could have been avoided if Obama was willing to compromise with Republican Congressional leaders but since compromise isn’t in his vocabulary and he was therefore totally unwilling to compromise on tax hikes over and above the ones he was granted on January 1 he signed off on the budget cuts last Friday. The Republicans compromised on several occasions during the negotiation process but Obama refused to do so and he was forced by law into signing off.

The cuts will be across the board rather than carefully targeted and will negatively impact everything the federal government funds, including national defense and homeland security, because Obama rejected a Republican plan which would have given him flexibility to carefully allocate the eighty-billion dollars rather rather than cutting across the board.

No one really knows why he did this but there is speculation that he did it to avoid personal responsibility for any of the individual cuts and the impact they will have…he is also trying to avoid personal responsibility for the overall cuts by blaming the Republicans for the impasse, which is of course nonsense because he could have and should have kept them from happening, because his total intractability and pigheadedness caused them to happen in the first place.

That along with his narcissistic personality and socialist, big government ideology.

Sorry Barack, you can’t avoid responsibility for the cuts and the impact they will have because they are entirely of your own making. This ones on you, nobody else, just you. You can blame anyone else you want to but its your fault and yours alone.

In fact, your stewardship of the economy has been utterly disastrous for America and Americans and you can’t avoid responsibility for that either.

That’s on you too.

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