Don’t hold your breath, Re: End the Arab Boycott of Israel, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, March 6, 2013

Peace in the Middle East between Arabs and Israelis is possible.

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A Palestinian state is possible.

Neither are going to happen anytime soon however.


Because in order for there to be peace between Arabs and Israelis and in order for a Palestinian state to come into existence Palestinians and their fellow Arabs have to recognize Israel’s legitimate right to exist as a Jewish state, accept her existence, quit committing atrocities against her and her citizens, quit demonizing and vilifying her and her citizens, quit trying to wipe her off the map and guarantee the safety and security of Israelis and of Israel itself. Palestinians and their fellow Arabs are neither willing or able to do any of that and it is precisely that unwillingness and inability which makes peace impossible and makes a Palestinian state impossible as well.

Until all of that stops, until all of that changes, peace is simply not going to happen and a Palestinian state isn’t going to happen either. All that will happen is more of the same…more destruction, more bloodshed, more death, more atrocities, more violence, more hatred…more war. Nevertheless, anyone who thinks that Palestinians and their fellow Arabs are going to change their attitudes and behavior in order to bring about peace and a Palestinian state is sadly mistaken. It simply isn’t going to occur, not anytime soon anyway.

The author of the article is correct. Ending the Arab boycott of Israel does make a great deal of sense and would be beneficial to Palestinians and their fellow Arabs in any number of ways. To Israelis too

Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen though.

Want peace in the Middle East?

Want a Palestinian state?

Boycotts won’t bring either about.

Getting Palestinians and their fellow Arabs to change their attitudes and behavior will.

In the meantime, the precious few voices in the Arab/Islamic world who are trying to make that happen against all odds deserve our gratitude and congratulations for their efforts.

And courage.

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