He should, but he won’t, Re: Obama should use Israel trip to promote real peace, Washington Times, March 10, 2013

President Obama will be visiting Israel soon and the eyes of the world will be on him as they are on all American Presidents when they travel internationally.

The trip is an ideal opportunity for him to promote real peace between Israelis and Palestinians but the chances of him doing so are virtually nil.

Never mind virtually, they are nil.

In order for Obama to promote real peace he would have to tell Palestinians the truth and he simply won’t do that.

That’s the real truth, the honest truth, the objective, unvarnished truth, not the manufactured truth Palestinians believe, which of course is nothing more than falsehoods and propaganda and not really true at all.

Will Obama come down squarely in support of Israel, will he roundly reject the false Palestinian narrative, will he condemn unacceptable Palestinian attitudes towards Jews and their manifestation in hatred and violence against Israel and Israelis, will he blame Palestinians for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, will he tell Palestinians that the key to solving their problems is in their hands, that whatever problems they have are of their own making, will he put the onus on the Palestinians to change their attitudes and behavior towards Israel and Israelis as a necessary precursor to peace, will he tell Palestinians that the United States is fed up with being manipulated, used and taken advantage of (not to mention vilified,threatened and attacked) and that it is withdrawing material and financial aid until necessary changes are made, will he say that Israel is a fellow Western democracy and essential to the national security of the United States and that the U.S. cannot and will not side with her enemies?

Obama won’t say any of that, he won’t do any of that.


There will never be real peace between Israelis and Palestinians until Palestinians accept the real, honest, objective, unvarnished truth and then change their attitudes and behavior accordingly.

Obama will voice pious platitudes catering to whatever audience he is speaking to but telling Palestinians the truth and backing up his words with actions is just not going to happen.

If the purpose of his trip is to encourage and enable peace between Israelis and Palestinians he might as well just stay in Washington because he won’t tell Palestinians the home truths they need to hear.


Because he doesn’t have the knowledge, sense, strength or sincerity to do so, that’s why.

Should Obama use his trip to Israel to promote real peace between Israelis and Palestinians?

Yes he should.

Will he?

No he won’t.

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