Never forget, never whitewash, never excuse, never glorify – March 11, 2013

Two years ago today an Israeli family of five named Fogel was murdered in cold blood by Palestinian terrorists as they slept…make that slaughtered, butchered, in cold blood by Palestinian terrorists as they slept.

I am re-posting the following post I wrote at the time in the Fogel’s memory and to implore the world not to forget them or whitewash, excuse or glorify those who killed them and those who exulted in their deaths.

The murders and the response were evil, savage, barbaric and inhuman.

Sad to say, similar murders could easily occur today and the response would be the same.

Palestinian baby killers butcher children yet again, Re: Hamas Praises Savage Attack on Jewish Settlers in Arabic, Denies Responsibility in English, Translating Jihad, March 13, 2011

Last Friday night five members of an Israeli family were murdered in their sleep, a father and mother in their mid 30’s and three children aged 11 years, four years and three months. The father and baby had their throats slit and the others were stabbed to death

Palestinians reacted to the murders by taking to the streets and celebrating and passing out candies and sweets. There were some tepid expressions of regret by the Palestinian leadership, in English not Arabic, but the overwhelming response of the Palestinian community, the Arab street if you will, was exhilaration and joy. Hamas even praised the attack and excused the murders because the victims were settlers.

There is no possible rationalization or justification for such heinous acts. They are barbaric, savage and inhuman and so are the people who commit them, the communities that enable them and the apologists that excuse them. Stabbing children to death in their sleep because they are Israelis, settlers…it doesn’t get any more barbarous than that. Slitting the throat of a three month old baby…the savagery and inhumanity is beyond words. Celebrating the commission of these acts…that’s inhuman and beyond words too.

Pure evil, that’s what all of this is, pure evil.

This brings the number of Israeli children killed since 2000 to 123. All of them were killed on purpose, not accidentally, every single one of them. Many of the killers have been glorified and are part of Palestinian folklore. Palestinian baby killers is an apt description, that’s for sure.

What a bunch of primitive, primeval, atavistic barbarians. They have no place among civilized human beings and their attitudes and behavior should be denounced and rejected in the strongest possible manner.

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