Palestinians caught lying yet again, Re: UN Reports the Truth: Hamas Killed BBC Reporter’s Baby in Gaza, EuropeNews, March 12, 2013

The United Nations just released a report from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights which found that a BBC reporter’s baby who was killed in Gaza during Israel’s Pillar of Defense anti-terror operation last year was killed by Hamas and not by Israel.

The 11 month old baby boy was killed by a rocket fired by Hamas which struck his home. Hamas blamed Israel for firing the rocket which killed the baby and callously and shamelessly used the death to spread propaganda and lies about Israel and Israelis and vilify and demonize both in the eyes of the world even though it knew the rocket was its own.

The United Nations report proved conclusively that the rocket was fired by Hamas, which is what Israel said all along. The rocket was fired from a populated area in Gaza and fell short, landing on the baby’s building and killing it. The baby died because Hamas was using residents of the neighborhood as human shields, knowing that Israel would not retaliate by firing into populated areas.

Using human shields is something that Hamas is well-known for and so are its are its attempts to spread propaganda and lies about Israel and Israelis and vilify and demonize both in the eyes of the world by doctoring photographs, reports and accounts and manipulating reporters and news organizations for its own ends…truth be damned.

Given its well-documented track record of lying through its teeth and given that such lying is perfectly legitimate and permissible under Islam you really can’t believe anything Hamas says about anything because the odds are overwhelming that all its doing is lying to you. The just released United Nations report is merely the latest proof of the pudding.

The report also criticized Palestinians for indiscriminate attacks on Israel, for targeting Israeli civilians, for launching rockets from populated areas in Gaza and thereby placing the public in danger and for breaching humanitarian law by summarily executing alleged Israeli spies.

Using human shields, lying through its teeth, targeting civilians, summary executions, manipulating the world’s media…doesn’t say much for Hamas and its fellow Palestinians does it?

It does reveal them for the liars and savages they really are though.

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