President Obama and Islam top the list, Re: What are the major threats facing the US?, Al Jazeera English, March 14, 2013

Al Jazeera English wants to know what the major threats facing the United States are.

The two at the top of the list are President Obama and Islam.

There are many others of course but President Obama and Islam top them all.

To be specific.

The financial, social and military decline of the United States under President Obama…the United States going from the world’s only superpower and a beacon of freedom, democracy, enlightenment and hope (A City Upon a Hill as the saying goes) to a bankrupt, sick, weak, hobbled country that is a shadow of its former self…a country that is unable and unwilling to stand up for its own interests, ideals and way of life…a country that no one can depend on and one that is rapidly losing the ability to defend and protect itself or anyone else…a country whose people are cowed and submissive instead of vigorous and free…a country where political correctness runs amuck and freedom of speech and freedom of expression are becoming a thing of the past…a shallow country where stupidity, ignorance and silliness dominate…a country whose people are under the thumb of all-knowing, all-seeing government.

The attempts by President Obama to eliminate the rule of law and the boundaries and restraints of the Presidency and turn himself into a quasi dictator beholden to nothing and no one except himself and his anti-democratic, anti-American, pro-Islamic ideology and mindset…to rule by executive fiat instead of govern…to continue to eviscerate America’s most cherished, fundamental values and institutions…to continue to fundamentally change the nature, character and essence of the country…to continue to assault America and everything it stands for and has ever stood for.

Islamists attempts to Islamize the United States and to replace American freedom, democracy, secularism, pluralism, civil liberties, values and institutions with Sharia, Islamic law…to conquer the U.S. and turn America into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law…to coerce or force everyone everywhere into living an Islamic life according to Islam’s precepts and imperatives…to bring Islam and its inbred violence, hatred, intolerance, misogyny, cruelty, brutality and atavism to everyone everywhere…to replace man-made law with religious law…to make Islam reign supreme in the land…to say goodbye to the twenty-first century and hello to the seventh, the century Islam was born in and in which it still resides.

There are of course many other major threats facing the United States, Iran’s single-minded pursuit of nuclear weapons, cyber warfare, cyber espionage, the rise of Islam throughout the world (especially the free, civilized world), the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, Al-Qaeda, terrorists, terrorism and worldwide economic instability to name but a few, but they are all encapsulated in the top two and it is the top two which pose the most imminent, immediate threat to the survival of the United States as a free, democratic, secular, pluralistic country.

There you have it…President Obama and Islam…the major threats facing America and Americans on this 14th day of March, 2013.

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