There’s Only One Answer, Re: The Greatest Scandal of Them All, FrontPage Magazine, June 11, 2013

My fellow Americans.

Former U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said “ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country”.

There’s only one answer.

Remove current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama from office. Impeach him, arrest him, shame him into leaving, whatever…take whatever legal means necessary to get rid of him, to get him out of the White House.

Do it now. Not tomorrow or next week or next month, but now. Your future, the future of your children, the future of the country and the future of the free world depend on it because the country and the free world cannot survive with him at the helm and the survival of both is more and more jeopardized with each passing day.

Under Obama and his minions your freedom has been eviscerated, your economy has been ruined, your military strength has been eroded, your civil liberties have been stripped away, your future has been mortgaged, your personal safety and security have been compromised, your government and institutions have become infested with Islamists who want to turn the country into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law, your values and history have been mocked and denigrated and subjected to historical revisionism, your country has been divided racially and socially as politics of hatred, envy, expediency and political correctness have risen to the forefront, your country’s credibility and influence have been reduced to next to nothing internationally and big government now intrudes on and controls every aspect of your life. You have been lied to and manipulated and a large and growing number of you no longer trust or respect government or the office of the President and feel alienated, wary and frightened of both, with very good reason. Your freedom, your life, your children’s life and the life of the country have been diminished in every way since Obama became President and matters will only get continually worse for you and the country. That is why he must be removed from office now. Things will only get worse, not better, as long as he is in office and if he remains in office much longer you will no longer be able to recognize what’s left of America

There is no need to list Obama’s failures and transgressions or to speculate about why they have occurred. Whether he is clueless, incompetent, ideologically driven, malevolent or all of the above is irrelevant. The point is they have occurred and will continue to occur whatever his reasons and motivations are…the point is American’s lives and the life of the country will continue to be diminished as long as he remains in office…the point is Americans can only expect more of the same as long as he is President…the point is Americans must rise up now and take back their country while they still can and while there is still a country to take back.

What can Americans do for their country?

Get Obama out of the White House that’s what.

Putting someone like him in the White House was scandalous to begin with. Allowing him to remain there and destroy people’s lives and the country itself would be even more so, would be the greatest scandal of them all.

It would also be suicidal.

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