It Most Certainly Isn’t, Re: Silence is Not an Option, Right Side News, June 20, 2013

The United States of America is a mess.

The United States of America is in deep, deep trouble.

The United States of America may not survive.

Our civil liberties are being stripped away.

Our freedom is disappearing.

Our Constitution is being shredded.

Our economy is in the toilet.

Our national debt is beyond belief.

Islamists have infiltrated government and are working very hard to turn the country into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law.

Domestic terrorism is a large and growing phenomenon.

Racism, violence, poverty and hopelessness plague us all.

Our institutions can no longer protect or serve us.

Our values are being mocked and derided.

Our military is being eviscerated.

Our government is keeping us all under surveillance twenty four hours a day three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Our government constantly lies to us.

Our government colludes with our enemies.

Our foreign policy is a shambles.

Our trust in government is sinking.

Our respect for government is sinking.

We are becoming more and more alienated and disillusioned daily.

Our quality of life is shrinking and disappearing.

Our national characteristics are being submerged.

We are drowning in bureaucracy, regulations and political correctness.

We are becoming an insular and ignorant people.

We are becoming a laughingstock internationally.

We are weak instead of strong.

Our future is bleak instead of bright.

We are more vulnerable to attack than we’ve ever been.

We are led by a buffoon in the White House who is no more capable of being President than I am of flying to the moon and who has caused and presided over the biggest decline in our history.

And on and on…the list could go on for pages.

Can things be turned around?

Yes they can.

Who can turn them around?

You and me, that’s who.

The American people, that’s who.

Certainly not the bum in the White House and his cronies, acolytes and fellow travellers, that’s for sure.

They’re the ones who got us in this mess in the first place.

Silence is most certainly not an option.

The time to take back our country is now.

Get angry, speak out and don’t put up with this bull….any more.

The time to act is now.

While we still can.

Our country’s survival and our own survival depend on it.

So does the survival of Western civilization and the free world because neither can or will survive without a strong America.

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